A Better Life - And Not At A Price

Posted Thursday, 23 February 2017

‘A Better Life With Smith & Sons’

That’s what our Smith & Sons is all about. So last week we sat down to do a bold thing – reposition the business for growth to give clients a better life.

At Smith & Sons we want to make it better, building our way to a better life and like any person, to do this you need to take control and lead by example.

It’s a great story at Smith & Sons and that’s what we want to concentrate on – the big picture. Building on our demonstrated success of being ‘the’ one stop shop when it comes to renovations and extensions.

Design Plan Construct!

Building on our start to finish approach of being the innovator in the building industry, we offer the complete package from Designs and Plans through to Construction. But it’s the way we go about it, friendly, helpful and people oriented we make sure we are making life just that bit better for people.

Now we need to tell everyone else about it so we can help make everyone’s lives a little better. Or at least the people we come in contact with that is.

We know all to well how hard it can be to get good trades people, and the pain that comes with renovating (i.e. living in a building site) so for us its about a better experience for clients. And at Smith & Sons only we know how to do it best.


It all started with our vision but that’s what we want to change. There is nothing more liberating then giving it up to the universe - giving our vision over to our partners to make it better for them. They know at the grass roots what it takes to make life a little better for people because they are trying to do that every day.


We didn’t want to stop there, we know we really have to value these things and believe in what we do as an international team of locals committed to our community.

We believe that to create a better life you need to value a few basic things like honesty, integrity, family and the professionalism to do a great job and do the right thing by people.


Together we see the opportunity as market leaders in the building industry, not only to grow our business but to create a lifestyle and make life a little better for our team. We enjoy putting back into our local community, not just for our clients but if we treat others with trust and belief we make our own lives that much better.

It’s easy for us - we already have fun working with our franchise partners and enjoy each other’s humor – we get along and that filters through to clients – they know we are easy to get along with. We communicate with each other in a fun way, and that makes the difficult issues easy as well.

Experts Making It Easy

As the experts in the industry a better life begins with great relationships with our clients and suppliers. We are the people everyone else comes to for renovations and remodeling, so if we are making that easier by simplifying the process of renovating everybody wins.

Win/win's for our Franchise Partners and our clients if we continually get it right from the start that’s – the Plan. The design makes the plan easy but it's about making the build easy and it’s our experience here that makes the biggest difference. When you know what you are doing you can make quality construction safe, clean, efficient and bring it all in on time.

It’s these win/win’s that create a better life for everyone we work with, and in the coming weeks and months we will share with you some of these great experiences.

A better life for us is about making it easy - for you!





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