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Why you should consider incorporating an indoor-outdoor serving bar into your next kitchen renovation

Creating flow between indoors and outdoors can change the way you experience everyday life at home. It can make your home feel more expansive, light and air filled.


With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it is the perfect place to start in creating this flow and luckily for us, Australia’s climate is ideal for bringing the outdoors in! One design solution that is rising in popularity and we’re loving is the indoor-outdoor serving bar, also known as the pass-through window. This solution is easily defined as a window that opens on to an outdoor space, usually a patio or deck, and has a wide sill. It is perfect for passing food and drinks through, for sitting at and for speeding up the cleanup process when it’s time to bring everything in. It also allows the people preparing food or cleaning up in the kitchen to be included in all the outdoor action!


If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen and love outdoor entertaining, an indoor-outdoor serving bar is something you need to consider. Here are a few examples completed by the teams at Smith & Sons that will inspire you.

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The combination of folding doors and windows helps blur the line between indoors and outdoors at this home renovated by Smith & Sons Hornsby. The matching benchtops and bar stools also help tie the areas together.

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This outdoor entertaining area, completed by Smith & Sons Manly, uses a sliding window and an extended benchtop to create a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.


This awning window used by Smith & Sons Wollongong quite literally opens up the space between the kitchen and the deck at this home. The use of an extended bench offers flow between the areas and creates an inviting space to enjoy drinks and snacks.


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