It is vital to us that we deliver not just an exceptional home renovation for you and your family, but of course, we want you to have had such an exciting and enjoyable time renovating that next time you embark on the home renovation journey, you would come back and trust us once again with one of your most valuable assets.

Below you will see listed our core home renovation services and a bit more information about each.

Our very broad experience, as you will see, ranges right through from decks, pergolas, kitchen and bathroom renovations, small home extensions, right through to full home makeovers, second storey extensions and knock-down rebuilds if that is the best option. We pride ourselves on the fact that no matter the size of the home renovation, we realize we are dealing with your home and sanctuary, so we treat every home renovation with the respect it deserves to deliver a stunning result. We understand that often a home renovation is one of the largest projects people undertake no matter how large or small so we are here not just to be builders, but trusted advisors as well, and we have the expertise to back that up.

Please do not consider this as an exhaustive list.

The fact is with each home being unique in design, layout and construction, and each homeowner’s specific needs for their home just as unique, there may well be some ‘out-of-the-box’ home renovation ideas that you have, and we warmly welcome you to discuss those ideas with us. No doubt we can offer a unique perspective on how to go about achieving the result you want and complete the home renovation project for you as well.

Last but not least; remember – we are not just builders; we are a one-stop-shop for all things renovating.

Many people are absolutely confounded when faced with the prospect of a home renovation and to be straight with you that is very understandable as the home renovation process has many moving pieces that take a myriad of skills to make it all work together for an amazing result. Building designers, architects, interior designers, approvals, insurances, contracts, builders, carpenters, tradespeople, suppliers; the list goes on, and navigating all this without a guiding map can be a nightmare. As builders – we get it – and we get you.

We have carried people just like you through the home renovation process a thousand (or more!) times before and we understand the highs and lows of renovating so we really are the best answer to getting your project started.

Our Home Renovation Services

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