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Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Renovation Tips

 Those of you who are looking to renovate a bathroom but are unsure of where to start, these tips from our Smith and Sons experts will get you moving in the right direction.

1. Establish the layout of the bathroom.

Ask yourself if you need to rearrange the floor plan? You could save money by not redesigning the layout of your bathroom by keeping the existing piping in its original place.  

Also, consider where the natural light is coming from and what you can do to enhance it with windows and doorway entrances.

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2. Determine which bathroom fittings including bathtub, shower, toilet and cabinetry are necessary for your family’s needs.

Consider the space and if everything can fit with ease. Do you have space for both the bathtub and separate shower or toilet? Is there enough room for cabinetry? Would you like to have a bathtub, double shower and double sink?

3. Establish the themed design of the bathroom.

There are certain colours that blend together well and are used by interior designers to create a certain ambiance and mood, to homes. Black and white, mocha and cream, aqua and brown, blue and yellow and shades of grey and white are just some of the common colour combinations. Not straying from two main colours, many shades can be introduced to tie it all together.

Many gorgeous designer bathrooms have three different tiles or textures on the floors, walls and shower or bath back walls. For example, black and white checkered tiles on the floor look amazing, accompanied by white subway tiles behind the cabinetry with a black feature wall will look incredibly impressive and contemporary.

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4. Select fittings that make the bathroom come to life.

Fittings such as lighting, tapware and cabinetry can be introduced at this stage of the renovation. Consider the theme and design of the home and blend it into the bathroom. If you have a cottage, a barn door could look ideal and chic. Extravagant lighting and an artistic basin can add flair and individuality too.

If you would like further tips to get started please call a Smith and Sons office near you, today! 




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