A functional, stylish outdoor space will serve your family and friends for years to come and is consistently on home buyers’ hotlists. Along with kitchen and bathroom renovation, renovation of an outdoor entertainment zone is a sure-fire way to add value to your home. Creating a brand new deck or renovating an existing area to increase functionality and comfort are excellent ways to improve your lifestyle as well as ensure return on investment when it comes time to sell your home.

Here are three primary elements for a functional, welcoming outdoor space.

  1. A DeckThis is one of the most simple and effective ways to achieve the desirable indoor-outdoor flow. A well-built deck or patio provides a transition zone to the outdoors that encourages family members to sprawl outside and welcomes guests to a beautiful entertainment venue. Modern decks are now the home of comfortable lounge furniture, generous dining tables, entertainment such as pool or table tennis, BBQs, or bespoke outdoor kitchens. Likewise, deck construction has evolved with a fantastic range of softwood, hardwood and modular wood which provide strong and durable structures. Architects and designers are pushing the boundaries with decks becoming one of the major design features of a home. In addition to the beautiful aesthetic appeal of a deck, your home and family will benefit from the ability to throw open the doors to the fresh air and spend some quality time outside.
  2. Outdoor Shelters or Flyover RoofsThe natural progression from a deck is some form of shelter for the provision of shade and protection from the elements. The simplest of these is a shade sail which can be stretched across the space for shade—these are fantastic used in a pool area but offer no protection from rain in your outdoor entertaining space. The next step up is a roofing system of some kind, whether it be steel or tile, to match your current roof type. This provides much better protection from the elements and gives your outdoor space a sense of permanence, as it can be used in all weather conditions and soft furnishings can be left in place. The underside of the roof area can be clad, giving a real feel of elegance to the outdoor entertaining area, particularly with the addition of a large fan, stylish lighting and in-built sound system. Last but not least is an adjustable roofing system which offers the best of both worlds—open it up to allow sunlight in and close it in poor weather to provide protection against the rain. These can be more expensive than a conventional roof so your decision comes down to how you plan to use your outdoor space.
  3. Outdoor KitchensThese remain on trend and can add significant value to a home. Having a kitchen in your outdoor entertainment area will revolutionise the way you can use the space. A BBQ is great but modern design has raised the bar with outdoor kitchens and dining spaces which make style statements of their own. There is no need to cart everything outside and back again when you have an integrated BBQ as well as storage, preparation space, bar fridge and sink. An impromptu gathering or a large party is stress free with a practical and welcoming outdoor space designed around your lifestyle.

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