A granny flat can provide any function you require—the options are endless. It can be used as a media room, home office, studio, rumpus room, teenager’s retreat, home for elderly parents, or even as an income source as a rental property. The granny flat offers a degree of separation and privacy from the main home so that occupants are not impacted by noise and the bustle of daily life (or vice versa) with all the benefits of being just a few metres away. Smith & Sons have a range of granny flat floorplans to suit anything you can come up with.

Laws pertaining to the construction of a granny flat vary across local council areas so it is imperative that you know what your restrictions are before you begin—particularly if you are considering using it as an income source.

When block size doesn’t allow for a granny flat an alternative solution is the conversion of a garage into a fully functional living space. This is usually a relatively simple project since it is unlikely to involve any demolition and probably just the construction of internal walls to partition the space. A garage conversion can create a comfortable extension of the home that can be used for myriad purposes.

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