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Stay Sane While Working From Home

There's a Whole New Meaning to Work From Home

Last year many of us might have been excited about the prospect of working from home—lounging in our jimmie-jams, knuckling down to it by ten o’clock, piling documents onto the couch or coffee table. Sadly, the home office has taken on a whole new meaning in the harsh light of 2020 and many of us are ill-prepared.


Smashing out emails and focusing on Zoom meetings can be difficult (let’s face it, it can be downright impossible) amid the chaos of a locked-in family. As tensions rise and we adapt to the circumstances as best we can, experts are suggesting that the way we work may be irrevocably changed. The use of video conferencing is necessarily on the rise and it may be here to stay post-corona virus. If that’s the case, many people will find that their current home office set-up is woefully inadequate.


There are many changes we can make to minimise distractions while keeping the kids in check and our bosses satisfied. Making changes to the lay-out of our homes can increase the functionality of our living spaces and with that, bring ease and comfort. Adapting an attic space, building in a nook under the stairs, converting part of the garage, or creating a separate studio-style home office on your property will all allow that essential home-work balance and increase work productivity.


Some people may be brimming with ideas about their ideal home office, man-cave or studio while others are stuck for inspiration. Smith & Sons works with our clients from the design phase of a project right through the planning and construction of every renovation and we are full of examples and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Your local builder is available for a chat so that you can start to see just what your new life could look and feel like.

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