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Why You Should Choose Smith & Sons to Take Care of Your Renovation?

What makes us different from other design and build companies?

We are a specialist design and build company. This means the process of designing and building your construction project is integrated and managed by a single company, from start to finish.

Why is this beneficial?

Choosing a single company to manage the design and build of your renovation rather than several different companies can be far more efficient and cost effective throughout the entire process. This is especially true when ensuring that the initial design will fit within your budget, rather than the typical scenario where the architect designs something beautiful and amazing, which you simply cannot afford and therefore have already wasted time and money before even getting started. We ensure that all aspects of your renovation project work in sync to provide you the ultimate renovation within budget.

What should I expect when choosing Smith & Sons?

  • Before design begins, we sit down with you to discuss budget. We want to get on the same page as you and understand your expectations. This ultimately saves you time and money.
  • We then provide you with a detailed cost estimate breakdown so you know the costs. You may then choose to move these around.
  • We assign a dedicated project manager to your job, who takes full accountability for project completion – on time, on budget and of the highest standard. He handles everything from consents, to paperwork and coordinating times with the tradespeople – he is one easily accessible central source of information.
  • Only the best tradespeople are selected for our jobs. Great organisation and project timing, along with trust and respect generally allows you to live in your home during the whole renovation process.
  • We work only locally so know the area, environment, housing types and the local tradespeople best for your renovation.

So, why should you choose Smith & Sons to take care of your renovation?

We are renovation specialists! We only do renovations and extensions and we do them well. For a renovation design and build, you know you can trust the experts at Smith & Sons.


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