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Upon meeting Peter Beeman for our initial meeting, we were drawn to Peter’s engaging personality, infectious enthusiasm and can-do attitude. Having been invited to view a couple of Peter’s builds, we were certain he was the guy we needed for our renovation. Peter’s workmanship and attention to detail were very evident from what we saw.

Having lived in our home for 4 years prior to renovation, we required a fairly big renovation to accommodate our family’s growing needs. With three teenage daughters, they each needed their own bedroom as well as their own bathroom. We were in need of an ensuite and a visitor’s bathroom was also a must. The kitchen, living and dining area required a massive overhaul, with locations of all changing from the original home layout. A teenage retreat was necessary to accommodate our teenagers. Outdoor entertaining areas needed modernizing and enlarging too.

Peter was always more than happy to assist in many ways throughout the duration of our renovation. He made viable suggestions, assisted with practicalities of the home with suggestions, accepted changes to the plan and always ensured completed work was of an upmost standard.

Peter paid particular attention to detail and this gave us the confidence needed to ensure our build was successful. Peter always kept us informed of progress and happily welcomed us on site throughout the build.

Peter’s workmanship is admired. His attention to detail stands him apart and his enthusiasm always gave us the confidence we needed in a builder.

Rachel & Peter

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