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For 2 years, I was agonising of how to start my renovations and who to deal with, after hearing all those reno horror stories.

The work to be done: Shower cubicles of my bathrooms were all too small, the carpet upstairs had its day, the parquetry floor downstairs is a constant reminder of a job badly done, kitchen and laundry need an update and the interior and exterior of the house need a good lick of paint.

My husband wanted to demolish our house and build a new one but I know our house is well built just needing an update, my decision to renovate paid off. Now, we have the same house but the interior are all new, in fact we feel like we have a new house.

My serendipitous moment came when I saw the advertisement of Smith and Son Turrumurra, I cut the ad and kept it for a year. A one stop shop for all the things I wanted done.

The first time I met and talk to Brett Kingham, he gave this genuine aura of trustworthiness and building experience. I was certain there and then that I will give the job to him. I admire his emphasis on communication, no questions remain unanswered and my trivial worries are appeased. He made sure we were able to stay while the project was ongoing, which saved us financially.

Mark the Construction Manager of projects I called him the “Magician”. His building experience was apparent whenever there’s a difficult situation. His suggestions in every stage of my project, has magnificent result, another tag I will give him “Trouble Shooter”. He made sure that we were consulted before any section was started.

I never thought I would consider tiling an art. Every time I look at the bathroom tiles, I am amazed that Rabi the artist with the help of his son has a knack for excellence. Rabi’s workmanship is miles ahead of all tilers.

All the tradies that worked on my reno have exceptional knowledge of the processes of how the project was to be dealt with, evidence of good relationship between Brett, Mark and all tradies. Josh the Carpenter did a magnificent timber staircase and flooring. All my bathrooms are now beautiful and functional in the same space. Do I sound happy with the outcome?? You bet!!!!

I highly recommend Brett Kingham and his team, Smith and Sons (Hornsby and Turrumurra) for all renovation work. They are really, really, really good!!!

P.s. Another proof of my immense trust, I have a little project that I am proposing Brett to take on later. I want my eyes to see beautiful things even in my backyard, I know Brett can interpret what I am trying to achieve.

Mercy & Rudy

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