Garages have come to life! No longer just the abode of cars and tools, garages have become central storage and accessibility solutions!

In days gone by, the humble garage had Dad's car, his tools and the lawnmower stored away, and usually no-one but Dad was brave enough to go in!

Drive around any housing estate nowadays and you will see most double car garages have a vehicle on one side, and one the other side are the kids bikes, canoes, maybe a computer desk as well or even a home studio! The garage has come a long way in a few years!

Due to housing block size shrinking over the last decade, the garage has become by necessity a great storage solution for many household needs. Properly organised, it can be a functional, practical space, but get it wrong and it can be a nightmare!

One great solution is to extend the garage for much more space, or add some practical and hardy storage to get things in their right order. Either way, Smith & Sons can help. Call us today to get back into your garage!

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