Home Renovations Before and After Photos

At Smith & Sons, we love home renovations and we are proud of the results we achieve! Just see our before and after photos below as proof!

We do everything from adding a story through to kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as decks, laundries, granny flats and pools. If it needs renovating, we've got you covered.

Take a look at some of the before and after photos that our renovation builders have completed, we are sure that somewhere in there is a home renovations photo that you would like to achieve - or others with fresh new renovation ideas.

With 1000's of projects completed across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, our builders get to help so many people see a huge change in lifestyle with more room, more effective use of space and making the home just look so much better, this is what you will see in the home renovation before and after photos below.

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