Comfortable and Functional Home Offices to Suit Your Lifestyle

With companies large and small around the world adjusting to the ‘new normal’ that COVID-19 has forced upon us, many business experts have predicted this will change the way people work, forever.

One of the biggest changes the business world has experienced en-masse is employees having to work from home due to COVID-19 restrictions. This has meant that people’s homes are now also their place of work, and it presents a unique set of challenges to those individuals— but also, an opportunity.

It is a challenge to create a comfortable workspace where one can be separated from the daily interruptions of life, but the opportunity of being able to spend less time traveling and more time with family and friends is attractive to many.

It now seems that the home office is here to stay and has once again become a coveted feature of modern living.

Why an Office Addition is the Perfect Home Office Solution

Depending on your needs as a business owner or employee, a home office can consist of an entire room, or a hidden nook already existing in your home. Whatever the size of the home office, it needs to achieve three things:

  • Separate your home life from your work life: your home office needs to be somewhere quiet where you can work uninterrupted from the distractions of home life.
  • Encourage productivity and effectiveness: your home office needs to be organized with plenty of storage and free from clutter to keep you achieving your work goals, and
  • Keep your mental wellbeing at the forefront: your home office needs to feel open and inspiring, somewhere where you love to be and can work happily.

If you don’t have a space that can effectively accommodate these three points, Smith & Sons can offer advice around adding another room to your existing home to become a home office.

Adding a room to your current home as a home office gives you complete control over how you would like your home office to look, feel, and function, and can even offer such benefits as the security of a second entry so strangers do not have to walk through your home to get to your home office.

Another exciting benefit of this arrangement is that if you ever do return to your work-place or outgrow your home office, you now have another room for a myriad of other purposes, and it adds value to your home as well.

Create a Space Just for You


If you don’t have the ability to add a whole new room as a home office – you could use a spare room or an obvious area that can be converted into an office to still get that separation between work and home life. Here are a few ideas…

  • You can create your own space by putting in a wall or by switching existing spaces up a little.
  • An unused built-in wardrobe or a junk-filled space under the stairs might work.
  • Even switching around furniture and adding a small divider could be a temporary solution.
  • Ask for some advice from your local Smith & Sons builder.

THINKAmbience & Lighting

Consider the room’s ambiance to optimize focus.

  • Spend time planning the color palette in your home office, make it light and bright.
  • Consider how natural light will affect the room. Make sure that your screen doesn’t receive direct sunlight but that you can actually tell what time of day it is outside.
  • Your home office should be well lit throughout, with task lighting for the desk.
  • Throw up a corkboard for your big ideas and some visual stimulation.
  • Choose soothing interior decor that isn’t distracting, this will help keep you motivated and in a good headspace for work.
  • Storage is key. Custom cabinetry will keep the clutter at bay and prevent your work life from spilling into your home life.

Have you considered converting your garage into the perfect home office or a liveable room?

Converting your garage into an office space or an extra living area will add value to your home.

It will also free up a large space for you to have an office or retreat, or allow you to move an existing room into the garage to make way for an office inside.

We’re not talking about a hasty solution, we’re talking about an additional, beautifully finished room of your home that you’ll want to spend time in.

The team at Smith & Sons can help you design, plan, and construct your dream working environment.


A Home Office - Productive, Practical and Only a Step Away

There is no doubt that a dedicated workspace in your home helps you set aside household distractions and focus on work. And, at the same time, you can be so close to those you love.

Working at home may now be the new normal. It’s up to us to make it a productive habit. Create a useable office space now, you deserve it.

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