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Some builders lay bricks, others put up walls but Ray Hwang knows he’s erecting a cathedral. Ray completed the project in line with the brief on time and under budget while meeting or exceeding our expectations.

From the start, Ray had a tight grip over the iron triangle of cost, time and scope with a keen eye for quality always at the centre of everything he did. His stakeholder engagement, tight control from end to end, and ethical and transparent approach gave us great confidence. I never had a moment’s concern through the entire project.

I chose Ray based on his work as I saw it evolve at another build site. Unfortunately, when I called Smith & Sons, you referred me to another builder. After a few missteps and lost time, I walked onto Ray’s site and engaged him on the spot. Ray turned up the next day.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ll ever make. In a field of shonky to ordinary builders, Ray is a star. He took the seeds of my vision for a ‘big project in a small space’ with complex dependencies along its critical path and made something fabulous. Everything from the selection of tapware to the minimalist design has the mark of quality.

He is a generous collaborator who knows how to add value to a brief. Every day of the six-week build, Ray arrived when he said he would, rolled up his sleeves and steadily, reliably brought our dream to life.

Even at the most mundane levels from his sensible selection of fittings that maintain a classical edge without busting the budget to tradecraft, Ray demonstrates his technical skill and capability.

Ray displays high levels of empathy, demonstrated by how he collaborated with me (the client), negotiated with suppliers and orchestrated sub-contractors. In the latter case, this meant he could demand their best at critical times and they were keen to attend and meet his high standards, delivering exceptional cost, time and quality benefits.

Everyone who contributed to this build from the suppliers, to sub-contractors and Ray himself deserves to feel proud at the culmination of their efforts.

Ray will be my first, last and only choice for any future renovations we undertake. I can imagine no better builder in your network than Ray Hwang.

Nate C.

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