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After working with Trav and his team for the past five months, I can say that the three key things that made the whole project run smoothly were trust, respect, and communication. 

It’s a big thing to let not only one person into your home, but a whole team of different trades. Having two young daughters the trust went further than just leaving the keys out for the guys when they needed to let themselves in. We were living our normal lives; getting ready for school and work, handbags open on tables, toilet training, cooking in a makeshift kitchen, keeping the pets happy, and all the crazy things kids do day to day. The team made us feel absolutely comfortable to be able to do such things with them around. 

They respected that their construction zone was our living space. After the first day of demolition, we couldn’t believe how neat they had left their workspace, keeping it safe for our family and animals to continue residing in. 

We were in constant communication with Trav about whatever was happening in the project. I felt like we worked really well together because I needed to know all the details so I could ensure that we were ready for whatever they had coming, however I rarely had to ask what was happening because Trav was so forthcoming with his weekly update email. Besides that, we either seen or spoke to Trav nearly every day of the build. 

In a project that touched every single room of our house, there was so much that could have gone wrong, but it didn’t. Any problems were communicated and addressed appropriately by Trav personally. 

Thank you to Trav, Karli, and the team for giving us such a beautiful home to raise our children in. We were so lucky to work with you, and would encourage anyone else looking to do so to go for it. 

Mark & Zara Stratton

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