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It took us 17 years to do our major renovation on our very old but much loved home.  We are finally done and are so pleased with the finished product.

Our two story extension including lounge, dining, main bedroom, ensuite, walk in wardrobe and side and rear decks has just given us so much more light and space.  To finally have a second bathroom and living space after all these years is really incredible for us and our extended family who are regular visitors.  The design meant we could retain a decent backyard which was really important.  Our friends and family can’t believe what we’ve been able to achieve with this renovation.

Due to COVID our family were all working and studying from home whilst the renovation was underway so we got to know your team really well over the five months.  Brad, Reagan, Tony and Joe are clearly passionate about their work, enjoy each other’s company and take pride in what they do.  You have instilled a great culture in your business and your people.  In hindsight being around the renovation everyday was a good thing as we were able to liaise directly with your team and questions were able to be answered immediately (from either your team or us) ensuring a smooth build process.

We can’t thank you enough for going above and beyond for our family with this renovation.  We’d talked about this for so long.  The overall budget was critical to us and we greatly appreciated your patience and expertise at looking at product alternatives to ensure our budget remained intact whilst the completed build remained the highest quality. When we finally got underway you were both so helpful always providing suggestions and solutions to any questions we may have had. 

We love our old new home and can now see us being here comfortably for many more years to come.  Thank you Jackie and Jason.  It was a pleasure working with you.


Jo and Dan

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