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Karolina and I moved to The Gap six years ago and the house we bought begged for renovation. With family and friends visiting and staying with us more frequently, extra bedrooms and an extra bathroom was needed. But why stop there? Karolina had been planning her kitchen for as long as we had been in the house, and now the time was right. Adding a walk-in robe and ensuite, we were determined to make this house our forever home.

Enter Smith & Sons Ashgrove. We had noticed their presence in the area and further investigation of their work revealed a style and quality that was compatible to our requirements. What we didn’t know was that their family run business had a process that just works. It was clearly documented, and we knew where we were along our renovation journey with clarity and confidence.

The best thing about Smith & Sons Ashgrove though was their staff. Professional, courteous, and enthusiastic, all qualities you can’t teach. The build was high quality, they cared for the outcome and checked that everything was what we wanted each step of the way. The entire time they seemed happy to be there which definitely made us think we made the right choice of builders.

Look I can’t recommend them highly enough to anyone thinking of renovating. This whole experience has been an education for us, and I won’t say it wasn’t stressful. Smith & Sons Ashgrove made it as easy as it could possibly be and in the end our home is exactly what we wanted.

Jason & Karolina

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