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Getting close to retirement so we started considering where we would like to live; well why not right where we are. Happy with the area, happy with the house, well maybe the house could do with a bit of alteration; no kids here anymore. How can we make the house suit what we want now; the ideas started rushing to our heads, then common sense prevailed and we realised a palace would look out of place in Toowoomba.

So we decided it would be nice to transform our family room into a fourth bedroom complete with ensuite, also our carport out the side of the house is pretty useless so why don’t we look at getting rid of it and have a new family/entertainment room built. Then we can have the new room open onto a nice outdoor area all under the one roof; perfect for a retiree on a nice day. Now we had decided what we wanted the next two obvious questions were how much and where do we start?

Started to compile a list of what we would need to do; get drawings done, council approval etc. and then asked myself how long is all this going to take me? There has to be an easier way. There was; it was Smith & Sons, went and saw them explained what I was looking at doing and they said, no problem they would come and have a look at the place and see what was required to achieve our wishes and arrange for the drawings to be done and from there supply us with a quote and if we accept the quote they will look after all the council approval applications. Hey this getting more like it, so they came (right on time) and had a look and also brought some fantastic ideas with them. So we decided to get them to go ahead and arrange the drawings and to compile a quote once we were satisfied the drawings matched what we required. This all happened within a couple of weeks. When Darryl presented us with the quote, it was very professionally compiled and he sat down with us and explained everything in detail and answered any questions we had at that time as well as any questions we thought of later. So everything was looking good and to our joy the costs were within our budget. Where do we sign?

Now we were on our way, what was recently only a dream was on the road to becoming a reality. The relevant documents were compiled and presented to us to sign; so now all we had to was wait for all the red tape to go through the relevant process. After all the approvals were granted it was time to start and we started to worry about what it will to be like trying to live in the house while all the builders are here doing their thing. Didn’t have to worry about a thing, Sam and Darryl are very cognisant of the fact we are still living in the house and made sure any disruption was kept to minimum. During the whole building phase we were kept informed about what was happening and if we came up with any last minute ideas/adjustments they were more than willing to try and accommodate our wishes.

The whole building phase was carried out in what we considered to be a realistic timeframe and was very professionally done. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and the service provided and the fact there were no hidden costs in the original quote. The only additional costs we were required to pay for was any additional requirements that we came up with along the way and we knew we could afford the additional enhancements because of our confidence in the original quote.

Smith & Sons, led by are Darryl and Sam are a very professional building team who carry out high quality work and are very easy to communicate with.

If ever we required further renovations to our humble abode, we not hesitate to contact Darryl and Sam again; however because they did such a great job the first time we will only be able to recommend them to anyone requiring the same professional results and service we received.

So our dream is now a material reality and we didn’t have to do anything other than contact Smith & Sons Toowoomba and they handled everything; wish everything was so easy.

PS: They can even help with the landscaping.


Graeme & Maria

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