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Our entire experience working with Smith and Son's Shepparton has been amazing. We felt Travis and the team were the right fit for us literally from our first email interaction. We had tried unsuccessfully for months to get quotes from local builders in Benalla when I stumbled upon the Smith and Sons Shepparton Facebook page. I saw that they specialized in renovations which seemed to be a turn off for other builders and sent through an enquiry straight away. Within 24 hours I had received a response and everything from there was smooth sailing. 

Travis and Karli organized meetings with us and were flexible. We loved that they took care of all the planning and permits and that we didn't really have to contact or liaise with multiple different parties. If we had any questions at any point, we knew Travis would get them answered for us. 

The biggest thing that stood out to us during the whole process was the communication. Though we had completed minor renovations to our property before, we had never done an extension or anything that had required drafting plans or engineer work. We were involved in this process and constantly kept in the loop about the progress of each stage. 

During planning not only did Travis listen to our ideas and vision for the house, but he offered his own expertise to guide us regarding things like size and layout etc. which we found incredibly helpful. It never felt that he was trying to push us to do things a certain way or to make the job "easier" to complete, but more to make sure that our space could reach its full potential and be practical and comfortable to live in.

When the actual demolition and construction commenced, Travis was fantastic in always letting us know key things to expect for the week ahead which took a lot of anxiety away from us, knowing when to expect certain trades or deliveries. The weekly email round up was always the highlight of our week! There were delays along the way (i.e., multiple lockdowns) which is always to be expected with these kinds of projects, but we were always kept informed during these periods and the reasons for the delay, rather than being left in the dark. 

The two of us were still living in the house while the renovations were being completed, in fact Michael working night shift, slept through most of the work. Sharing the space with tradies for nearly 7 months was made much easier by the fact that all members of the Smith and Son's team were polite and respectful when on site. They took care of all clean up after demolition and completion of the build and left things as tidy as possible in between.

We are so incredibly happy with what Smith and Sons were able to achieve for us. We have been dreaming of this renovation for the last 9 years and we could not be more pleased with the result. I highly recommend taking the leap and speaking with the team if you have any projects or just ideas for your own home.


Georgia & Michael McBay

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