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We chose Smith& Sons because of the standard of work they have achieved on previous projects. Their presentation was professional & friendly, the contract explained clearly so we were both working from the 'same page'. 

Travis and his team were very supportive in trying to help me achieve the 'look' I was wanting, and I found it particularly helpful that they were able to point out possible problems that may arise from my placement of the furniture. 

They offered alternatives, and all I had to do was choose one! The result is that I have a beautiful and timeless ensuite, the workmanship is clearly visible and it is a great example of the high standard of work that Travis and his team achieve. 

Besides the fantastic result of their workmanship, their communication with me through every step of the process was reassuring. Travis always, without fail, let me know in advance of any tradespeople that were booked to come out here, so I could alter my own coming and goings around the visits. 

The whole experience was stress free, the tradespeople friendly yet professional, always turning up when they said they would, and I got the ensuite I have always wanted...dreams do come true! 

Thank you again.

Anne Donnelly

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