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Smith & Sons Carindale have consistently delivered excellent advice and workmanship. We live in Toowoomba, and have a rental property in Brisbane. Our rental property has required some major work and our real estate agent couldn't find anyone to do the repairs and renovations until Vinay. 

After consulting by phone with Vinay, he was willing to take a look at the property and give advice on what, in his professional opinion, needed doing. He gave me both options and advice around how to tackle each job, and what should be done at each step of the project. We could space out the renovations to suit our budget, but most importantly, go about it in the right order to see if, after every repair, a problem had been fixed before moving onto the next job. 

Vinay spoke to me often and always explained what he proposed to do before he commenced each job. On many occasions I phoned Vinay back to clarity what he suggested. He also sent many photos before and during each job, and after each job was completed. 

I found Vinay very approachable and happy to talk me through all things. Never once did I feel that I was an imposition to him. I highly recommend Vinay, as he had integrity and diligence in his workmanship. I would not hesitate to recommend him. 

Alison G.

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