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We decided at the end of 2020 to look at making our large almost unusable outdoor area an area that’s basically an extension to our home and therefore a more usable area. We now have the most incredible home that’s been the envy of many family members and friends and one that makes us smile and proud of every time we come home.

We weren’t sure where to start, we had some idea of what we wanted but had no idea what was possible and what it would cost us. We rang a company we had used in the past who didn’t get back to us and then we contacted 3 other building companies and thankfully Smith & Sons called us the next day.

Darryl called and made time with us to look at our home and discuss options. We were immediately impressed that he not only could understand what we wanted but also suggested additional options which all centred around making our lifestyle better. A short time later he called and told us he had some plans drawn up and after sitting with Darryl we were ready to commit. We didn’t go with everything that was suggested because not all suited our daily needs, but Darryl was not fazed by this and was directed by us without hesitation.

We were given a quote that was broken down so that we could see where costs could differ depending on decisions and building supplies. We found these easy to understand and we also knew exactly what decisions we had to make regarding cabinetry, tiling etc. We asked Smith & Sons for recommendations for who they like to use and again we were highly impressed by their choices.

Work started and our main contact then became Sam who was terrific. In fact, their whole team was terrific. Kyle and the boys started work at 7am and didn’t finish until 5pm almost every day and if they had to be somewhere else, we were told in advance and given an explanation which made us feel important and part of the process.  Of course, as with all renovations, we had a few setbacks, but these were shown to us and again explained in detail so that we were able to make decisions on the run and stay on the same page.

Covid also made materials harder to acquire and some areas of trade harder to lock down and delays happened but again we were kept informed at all times and could understand the frustration of the times thanks to covid. 

We now have the most incredible looking home, one that we love to show off and have received nothing but compliments for. We can thank Smith & Sons for their professionalism, communication, expertise, efficiency, and their tenacity to make sure the end product was what we wanted. We will be using them again and we will be spreading the word far and wide. Thank you Darryl, Sam, Kyle and the whole team. Our expectations were completely exceeded.

Alex & Mark

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