Bathroom Renovations: Your Guide to the Ultimate Bathroom!

iStock-613765498 lowA new bathroom project can be a daunting one. It’s a big job, to live in a home that has a room resembling a building site while you’re having the professionals come in and complete your bathroom renovations. The bathroom used to consist of an outhouse in the garden – a glorified shed – and a tin bath in front of the fire. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then and the bathroom is now a valued room in the home; and not just by the people living in it. The value of your home can go up massively if you have a new bathroom or two installed, removing old fixtures and fittings and going for a more modern look.

In terms of resale value, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to consider. Everyone loves a new kitchen, but the bathroom is the place to relax and find your peace. It’s where you head for a long, hot bubble bath and it’s the place you can pamper yourself outside of a spa. We do what we can to make the most of the downtime that we get – life is busy, and downtime is a necessity, it’s just scarce. People around the world are investing in their bathroom renovations with relaxation in the forefront of their minds and house value in the back of it. It’s not just the family bathroom that gets changed, either. So many people are loving the luxury hotel feel by installing ensuite bathrooms into their homes as an added extravagance....

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Careful planning is key to the success of your bathroom renovation project. It doesn’t matter the size of your bathroom, you can always create a more stylish or functional one. For example, the bathroom renovation in Kamerunga, Cairns on the Smith & Sons bathroom section of the website shows a smaller bathroom with modern changes made, including a walk-in shower and a floating vanity unit that frees up floor space and make the room look deceptively bigger.

This is just one of many examples that prove that the creativity of the building and design team knows no bounds. Bathrooms don't have to be huge to get a great result.

The real question here is - have you had enough of your old bathroom and are you ready to get started to create YOUR perfect bathroom? If the answer is yes then there are some things that you need to consider. A bathroom renovation goes through several key steps that need to be done right the first time, or things can get very expensive quickly!

The Smithy Team has completed hundreds of bathroom renovation though, so you can be sure you are in safe hands right from the get go. If you are ready to renovate and can't wait to get started, you can skip the small print and...

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Quick Access Contents:

Bathroom Renovation Cost

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

How To Get A Trustworthy Bathroom Renovation Quote

Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Tile Ideas

En Suite Bathroom Renovations

Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist


Bathroom Renovation Cost

Deciding on your budget in advance is so important when it comes to bathroom renovations. You will be more able to prioritise where your money goes, and you can make big decisions on where you should save your money and where you should spend it. As much as it would be fun to spend thousands of dollars to pretty up your bathroom, you do need to be practical with your choices, too. For example, you should consider the size of the water tanks if you want to install beautiful elements such as rainfall showers like the bathroom renovation in Kew.

Costs can spiral while planning a bathroom renovation, so you do need to be firm on the fixtures and fittings and even the labour costs that are involved. Many people forget to include the other expenses, such as tiling and plumbing, but these aren’t something that you want to miss out on. Having your budget squared away is vital for the success of the renovation. Oh, and always add in just a bit more to the top of your budget – just in case of emergencies or extras.


Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

There are so many ways that you can renovate a large bathroom. The bigger floor space gives you more room to be creative, right? Of course, but what about the ensuite bathrooms and smaller family bathrooms? There are so many ways that you can upgrade it without overcrowding it. Small bathrooms can still have a large impact on your home and its value, so don’t discount having a smaller bathroom, just plan to make it look fantastic. Here are a few ideas for having a beautiful bathroom, even if it is micro in size!

  • Neutral colours make a small space look massive. White bathrooms from floor to ceiling are bright, light and feel like there is a lot of space – even when there isn’t.

  • If your bathroom or ensuite are at the top of the house, consider adding a skylight or two into the room. You can bring in a ton of natural light alongside your windows doing this, which will make the room look airy.

  • Choose bold colours for your accessories, particularly if you’re going for a white-themed bathroom. Pops of colour show a beauty in the bathroom and keeps the room looking fresh. Coloured accessories can also be changed out when you get bored!

  • The bathroom lighting that you choose doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, bathroom lighting can be quite dramatic if it’s placed in the right areas, such as behind mirrors and in quirky shaped alcoves.

These ideas aren’t limited; there are tons of ideas for small bathrooms online, you just must choose the ideas that work well for you.


How To Get A Trustworthy Bathroom Renovation Quote

When it comes to bathroom renovations, you should be ensuring that you stay in control of your budget as much as possible. You can do this by completing as much research as possible so that you are armed with the knowledge of what your bathroom renovation will cost. A simple renovation – such as a change from a bath to a walk-in shower – can be totally inexpensive. However, a full renovation could run into the thousands of dollars, so you need to be prepared. Your renovation could cost you anywhere from $6,000 to more than $25,000, but this can change based on the size of the room as well as the quality of the fixtures that you choose.

A bathroom makeover – where you change the tiles and shower screen but keep all the original fixtures – doesn’t compare in cost to a full renovation. Several people, trade professionals and assessors will be involved in the renovation and once your bathroom is completely stripped to the bare bones, it gets built steadily back up again. Choosing a company like Smith & Sons means that you’re going to be getting excellence for your bathroom, and so calling for a quote and a visit is the best thing you could do for yours.

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Different Types Of Bathroom Vanities

One of the most dramatic ways that you can change up your bathroom is by upgrading your vanities. It’s an integral part of the bathroom, as it must be in-keeping with the shape and size of the room and be big enough to hold all the toiletries and things that you want to keep in there. It must accommodate your belongings, sure, but it also should look good doing it. Those with smaller bathrooms often appreciate a vanity on the wall, as the floor space is vacated, and the room looks bigger than it was before.


Families often think about the kids when it comes to the vanity units, as children need to be able to reach the taps. Here is a sample list of just some of the bathroom vanity and sink options out there:

  • Pedestal Sink. These are known as free-standing sinks and work very well for small bathrooms given that they don’t take up much space. You want a bathroom on trend and looking cool? Well, this is the way to go.

  • Free-Standing Vanity Units. A traditional pedestal sink doesn’t have any room around the edges for personal items and toiletries, but with an attached vanity that’s exactly what you have room for. They’re efficient and they look great.

  • Vessel Sink & Vanity Unit. For the bathroom that needs something different and has lots of space, the vessel sink and vanity are perfect additions. It doesn’t fit every shape of bathroom, but it looks great!

  • Wall Mounted Sink. The ultimate space saver, the wall mounted sink works so well in ensuite or downstairs bathrooms. They don’t bear weight very well, so as long as you aren’t leaning or sitting on the sink, you should be fine!


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Finding the right bathroom tiles is a very difficult decision, believe it or not. You want to choose something that will have impact, but you want to make sure that it’s right for the space that it’s in. Tile sizes vary from the large tiles that can reach meters in their length, to the tiniest mosaic tiles that can line around your new sink very nicely. The size of the tiles that you use will depend on the size of the bathroom. Huge, meter-long tiles aren’t going to sit as well in an ensuite room or separate toilet in the same way they will flow well in a huge bathroom with lots of space or light. Some things to think about with your tile choices are:

  • Large tiles can be cut off in smaller bathrooms.

  • Mosaic tiles go very well around vanities and sinks.

  • Small tiles can look busy, but if you use lighter colours you can avoid this.

  • Choosing light colours works very well for a small bathroom space.


En Suite Bathroom Renovations

One of the home’s biggest extravagances is the ensuite bathroom. Almost every ensuite bathroom goes without a bathtub, because the family bathroom has that. You need to have a very efficient plan to make your ensuite dreams happen, because the space is limited and requires a lot more creativity! A solid plan and discussion with a professional is how to get the well-designed ensuite bathroom you’ve always dreamed of adding to your home.

Choose light colours and tiles that are seamless for an illusion of space in a small room. Go for wall mounted sinks and walk-in showers. You want as few breaks between the floor and the shower entrance, and the wall and the floor as possible. The less breaks you have the better! Your ensuite can be beautiful with good planning and the right team on board.



Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Now that you know all the things to consider before you renovate your bathroom, here’s a checklist of all the things you should do before you get your bathroom from walk-in construction site to exquisite pampering space.

  1. Budget. Set your budget before you speak to contractors and tradies. Before you view vanity units and tile samples. Know your budget first, then go and explore your options.

  2. Time. Some bathroom remodels are delicate and intricate work and you need to plan the time it could take to complete the job. Be aware that it could take weeks or months, so get educated.

  3. Sequence. Work from the top of the room down; ceiling to floors. Doing this can help you prevent damage to new changes as you go.

  4. Full Gut. Doing a whole remodel means gutting the room and ensuring that there is no damage before you go adding in new things you’ve put money into.

  5. Design. Your new bathroom must be designed properly – a blueprint, if you will, is needed. The design must be functional, so think carefully about who will be using the room.

  6. Measure. You can plan for units and showers and even a clawfooted tub, but if you haven’t measured your space, you could find yourself out of pocket with a few extra units that now don’t fit!

  7. Contractors. Once you have your design and your budget, you need to research the right people to do the job.

  8. Plumbing. Give your pipes an update and upgrade the plumbing fixtures and fittings for a bathroom that will be secure for years to come.

  9. Cabinetry. Plan the storage cabinets and shelving so that you can make even the quirkiest bathroom shape look good.

  10. Flooring. There are so many materials out there that can be used to surface the floors, so do you research for the best waterproofed option.

  11. Ventilation. The bathroom is a wet space, and you need to make sure that it is well-ventilated, no matter how big or small the room.

  12. Clean Up. Before you start using the bathroom, get the whole place cleaned from top to bottom. Clear the dust and the dirt and if you can’t face it, contract a good cleaning service.

Your bathroom renovation is going to be a huge job. The question is whether you have thought about Smith & Son and what they could do for you. Contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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