What Our Clients Say About Us!

The best things about a home renovation or extension are seeing a job well done, having created something new and special, and knowing that now someone loves their home!

Nothing can replace the look on our clients faces when they open the door for the first time and see their newly renovated home, or seeing kids run around and explore a big new exciting space! These are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

Testimonials from Our Clients

Atherton L.

With four kids at home, we felt we needed some extra breathing space and invited Darryl from Smith & Sons to give us some ideas of what we could achieve in the given space.  With his input we came up with a plan that we were happy with, and together with Shaun and his boys they carried out the renovations within budget, time and to a good quality.  The team was courteous and easy to deal with and promptly resolved any minor issues that popped up.

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Doc S.

Smith & Sons came recommended to us. From our first meeting we felt confident we had the right team to add two ensuite and veranda extension to our Queenslander. 

Our requests was to have the job completed within a time frame and the end result must not look like an extension. The job was finished a week earlier than quoted. The end result was what we hoped for. An excellent job. We have recommended Smith & Sons to all our friends. 

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John S.

I’m a single person looking at retiring in a year’s time or so. I live with my brother who is retired.

The renovations I had done were:

  1. incorporate an office into a family room to make it one large room,
  2. enlarge an existing carport to house 3 extra vehicles,
  3. add a deck along the front of the house,
  4. sheet in and paint the existing carport,
  5. and various other small repairs and adjustments.

The reasons for the renovation were to make the living areas more liveable and practical, make the house cooler in summer, provide a useable outdoor living space, and increase the undercover area for vehicles. The pre-renovation house had been built in the 1950’s and renovated extensively in the late 70’s and had become dated and didn’t suit our requirements or our future needs.

I’d never heard of Smith & Sons before, but I did know the family here in Toowoomba that were the franchisees and in particular one of the brothers, and it was during a casual conversation with him that I mentioned I was thinking of doing some renovating and he suggested I might like to approach Smith & Sons East Toowoomba. Knowing the family certainly was a deciding factor in selecting Smith & Sons to take on the project.

It’s difficult to select a single best thing about renovating with Smith & Sons because all aspects of the experience were excellent but if I had to choose one it would be the very good relationship I had with the managing directors Darryl and Sam who were very easy to get along with, patient, and always focussed on delivering a high quality product.

I would certainly recommend Smith & Sons again and I plan in the future to renovate with them in updating my kitchen and bathroom.

Renovating can be a traumatic experience particularly if, as we did, you live on site while it is being done. However, while our lives were inevitably disrupted the experience we had was very positive. I was very impressed with the respectfulness, thoughtfulness and courtesy of the Smith & Sons employees but not only that they worked quickly, diligently and their workmanship was excellent. On the management side Darryl and Sam kept me updated with regular communications and the quoting and planning process was very professional and carefully explained. I asked for a number of variations to the original plans which would have tested the patience of most builders but Darryl and Sam and co took it all in their stride and happily complied. It was evident from the attitude and work ethic of the whole East Toowoomba Smith & Sons team that they had a healthy culture and this underpinned their professionalism, workmanship and the agreeable relationship they had with me as their client.

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Glen & Janet B.

We had lived at 19A Garde Street, Centenary Heights, Toowoomba for nearly 13 years. We liked our location and our many visitors enjoyed staying with us in our “little cottage” with all its dark atmospheric timber floors and ceilings.

However, since retirement (7 years ago) we have developed hobbies and interests that require more room and light. During this time, we looked around for another house but nothing met our requirements - most of them needing some renovation and their location was often less than ideal.

We finally concluded that we should stay where we are and renovate. We met with several builders discussing our concept drawings. Smith & Sons Toowoomba East provided us with the most positive evaluation and worked on our concept to ensure we had the best functional and cost effective plans. Most importantly, the plans included a carport to accommodate our caravan and car.  We settled on a fixed contract price.

Our hopes for a beautiful home were fully realized by the Smith & Son, Toowoomba East team.  The project progressed in a professional and happy environment. Communication between project management, building staff and us was always timely, clear and informative. There were no problems during the build that were not worked on in a positive and practical manner.  The workmanship was exemplary and a credit to the company and it’s subcontractors.  All new fixtures and fittings are fully functional and of good quality.

During the renovation, we requested extra features to enhance our home.

For example, a wall module containing a gas fireplace. The carpenters very happily accommodated us with this change even though it was quite a task incorporating a vertical flue in a non-hazardous position.

For reasons above and that the project was completed within the contracted timeframe we are very happy to recommend Smith & Sons, Toowoomba East under the licence of VDK Brothers Pty Ltd.

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Tania and David

Tania and I are old Highschool sweethearts and recently reconnected over the last few years. Tania has 2 boys 11 & 14. For myself I have been living in my current home for just over 10 years. I asked Tania and the boy's to move in and see how we get along. As we realised this was the life we wanted for all of us we soon started to think about the house didn't quite feel like home for her as it did for myself, also living in close proximity to 2 boys a poky kitchen was losing its appeal.

We talked ideas and soon were on the hunt for a new home that gave us more room. We went to a few open houses and auctions. But nothing really grabbed us. Issues like the place was too far from town, rooms were smaller than the current home, didn't have a shed out back and we would have to spend money again to build what we wanted, needed a reno, house was perfect but no room for a shed. We sell my house pay agent fees, buy another place for more money and pay the government another lot of sales tax for the privilege of moving and spend some more money on a reno or shed or both. The numbers were not adding up.

We kept coming back to Clewley Crescent. It is a nice area, close to schools, shops and parks. Easy to commute about and a bike  path at the end of the street that gets us every where relatively quickly.

A friend of Tania's is an architect and so we asked him around for some ideas on a reno. An upstairs extension was soon agreed upon and the initial drawings made straight away. This seemed the best possible outcome for cost and helping Tania and the boys settle in to a place that felt like ours. Life got in the way for a year before we decided to not let it stop us and move forward. We asked Murray the architect for some builder recommendations and a friend who was also doing a upstairs extension for his builders number, Smith & Sons being one of the recommendations from Murray at Alisco Designs.

The initial consult was a positive experience with all  the builders we spoke with. Deciding who to go with was the hardest task. One initial quote was well above what we could afford or feel would be an appropriate amount to spend. The final 2 quotes were close to our budget, but talking with Darryl and Sam and their ability to go through everything and show us all manner of finishes, fittings and what we could expect the stairs to look like (the clincher for us) helped us to decide which builder to go with. The team at Smith & Sons Toowoomba East cared about what we wanted and solutions on how to achieve it for us. Darryl and Sam were also able to offer ideas to achieve the finish we wanted while also meeting our budget. They had a good expectation on a time line for the build and managed to stick to it closely in spite of poor weather.

The best thing about renovating with Smith & Sons was the team from Toowoomba East. From the office staff to the chippies, everyone was accommodating during the build while inspecting the progress and keeping us updated. They were able to get any problems sorted out straightaway, which was reassuring as the whole process can be daunting as this was our first big renovation.

Looking back now we would definitely use Darryl and Sam again, their dedication to seeing the job through till the end and done right showed great professionalism. We are so happy with our new home with its upstairs addition and new kitchen, it has given us so much more living space we can't wait to make more memories here in this house that we call home.

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Terry, Maximum Accounting Solutions

Just like to thank Darryl & Sam at Smith & Sons Toowoomba East plus Anthony & Craig at VDK Group- Air Conditioning & Electrical.  
We are so pleased with our office renovations. The quality of workmanship, communication from start to finish and the fact they delivered on time with a tight schedule was exceptional!!
Give them a call if you are thinking about renovating. We highly recommend them

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John R.

If you need a well-designed, well organisedand reasonably priced extension/modification to enhance your house - look no further!  As well you'll get the nicest and most obliging team of tradespeople (all men really) to do it to an exceptional standard of craftsmanship.

It's not something I do every year and not something I could easily organise myself, so finding Darryl & Sam (Brothers and therefore Sons I suppose, and not Smiths either!) and their team to take care of everything allowed me to enjoy the building process, as much as that is possible while living in the place being modified.

Communications were optimal for a small busy company, and always clear.  My job was completed in a time far less than my expectations.

What more to say . . . !

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Nellie & Geoff W.

We had been talking about putting on an extension to our existing 3 bedroom, one bathroom house for years. We have 9yr old twins and needed more space, we wanted another living area with a fireplace and built in cabinetry, and a master bedroom with ensuite and WIR. We had received quotes from a number of other builders, then decided to call Smith & Sons for a quote. When Darryl and Kristy came to our house we immediately felt at ease with them, they listened to what we wanted and were very professional. We chose Smith & Sons because we felt comfortable with them and trusted that they could bring our vision to life.

The best thing about building with Smith & Sons was they kept us up to date with what was happening and when it was going to happen. Darryl & Sam are such great guys they were at our house most mornings and evenings to see that everything that needed to be done that day was completed. In fact all the builders and trades that worked on our extension were friendly and courteous. If changes were made we were always consulted about them first, we felt very involved in the whole process. We were given a time frame of how long the build could take but it was completed in considerably less time.

The quality of materials used and workmanship was of an exceptionally high standard. We are incredibly happy with the final result and would recommend Smith & Sons to anyone thinking of renovating or adding on an extension. And we will definitely use them again if we needed more work done in the future. We love spending time at home now more than ever before, our dream of more space is now a reality thanks to Smith & Sons.

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Rob and Priscilla

We’re a young family with 1 boy (13 years), who recently had Smith & Sons create a deck at the front entrance of our home.

We saw a large deck Smith & Sons made on Facebook and the clients were very happy, so I decided to give them a call. An appointment was made, Darryl turned up on time. He gave us a quote deadline, which was met. We discussed the quote and what was involved to complete the deck. He informed us of every step.

The best part about renovating with Smith & Sons was that they were punctual, honest about their availability, no hidden costs, sticking to the deadline, cleaning up after themselves and they were happy to deal with both myself and my wife. Both Darryl and Sam overlooked the job each day, morning and afternoon. Constantly checking the workmanship of their tradies and keeping us informed with every step.

Darry and Sam are very professional, friendly and very helpful when we had other questions in regards to other jobs. We’re very happy with the workmanship of the deck.

I thought the deck was a bit overpriced but the job flowed so smoothly for us it was worth not having the stress of dealing with dodgy builders. I would recommend Smith & Sons and would get them back again. 

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We decided to renovate our bathroom as our house was built in approximately 1988 and the bathroom was not originally wet sealed. As a result water was absorbing through the tiles in the shower through to the wall, causing reasonable water damage.  

We chose Smith & Sons as I had previously seen them advertised on Facebook and was very impressed with the photos of other renovations they had performed. We have no complaints about our experience with Smith & Sons, everything was handled in a professional manner. Sam organised the toilet to be replaced to ensure as little disruption as possible to us, as we only have the one toilet in our house.

In particular we were very impressed with the friendliness of the Smith & Sons team as well as the contractors performing all the work. Also, Darryl knew that the only thing I was going to be fussy about was the bath (as I love having a bath!!) and he looked in to getting a bath of a decent size (my request was no smaller than our previous bath) to suit my requirements.

I would recommend Smith & Sons to anyone who is thinking about renovating.


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Jen A

For me, renovating was quite a daunting challenge after being recently widowed.

After a number of disappointing experiences I received from builders ie over promising & under delivering, I experienced a very welcome change after commissioning Smith & Sons Toowoomba East for my project.

I met Darryl & Kristy on site for our first meeting. The entire project was handled with complete professionalism from quoting to completion. All communication whilst the job was in progress was well documented via email & assisted by progress photographs. This was extremely important to me as I no longer lived in close proximity to the property. Upon my final inspection of the project, I was extremely happy with the outcome.

After this experience, I have developed a trust again in the building industry. 

I look forward to working again with Smith & Sons in the future.

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Rebecca M.

We are a family of 6 with 3 of our 4 children living at home still (the 4th visits when he can). We had our 1950’s kitchen and bathroom renovated and roof replaced by Smith & Sons.

Our house was built in 1950 still with the original  kitchen, bathroom and roof. The only toilet was outside with the laundry, so for the past 4 years we have had to use a toilet outside- rain, hail or shine. Having a toilet inside now is an amazing feeling, plus we opted for underfloor heating which is amazing on our cold Toowoomba mornings and evenings.

We chose to go with Smith & Sons as they listened to our dreams and desires and they were very informative when answering our questions. The quote process was very clear and professional.

The team from Smith & Sons were very professional, communication was always a big plus, the quality is amazing and they are very courteous and friendly. When I had decided to remove our fireplace and make it into a storage room there was no questions asked.

I would recommend Smith & Sons to anyone who is thinking about renovating.


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Desiree M.

My husband & I had our front and back deck redone and ensuite renovated by the team at Smith & Sons Toowoomba East. Our back deck was falling apart so we decided out of necessity that it was time to call a builder.  We decided to contact Darryl at Smith & Sons Toowoomba East as we had seen many good reviews and pictures online and on Instagram from all Smith & Sons. The team was friendly, approachable, always on time and very easy to talk to.  I would definitely recommend Smith & Sons to anyone who is considering a renovation.

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Graeme & Maria

Getting close to retirement so we started considering where we would like to live; well why not right where we are. Happy with the area, happy with the house, well maybe the house could do with a bit of alteration; no kids here anymore. How can we make the house suit what we want now; the ideas started rushing to our heads, then common sense prevailed and we realised a palace would look out of place in Toowoomba.

So we decided it would be nice to transform our family room into a fourth bedroom complete with ensuite, also our carport out the side of the house is pretty useless so why don’t we look at getting rid of it and have a new family/entertainment room built. Then we can have the new room open onto a nice outdoor area all under the one roof; perfect for a retiree on a nice day. Now we had decided what we wanted the next two obvious questions were how much and where do we start?

Started to compile a list of what we would need to do; get drawings done, council approval etc. and then asked myself how long is all this going to take me? There has to be an easier way. There was; it was Smith & Sons, went and saw them explained what I was looking at doing and they said, no problem they would come and have a look at the place and see what was required to achieve our wishes and arrange for the drawings to be done and from there supply us with a quote and if we accept the quote they will look after all the council approval applications. Hey this getting more like it, so they came (right on time) and had a look and also brought some fantastic ideas with them. So we decided to get them to go ahead and arrange the drawings and to compile a quote once we were satisfied the drawings matched what we required. This all happened within a couple of weeks. When Darryl presented us with the quote, it was very professionally compiled and he sat down with us and explained everything in detail and answered any questions we had at that time as well as any questions we thought of later. So everything was looking good and to our joy the costs were within our budget. Where do we sign?

Now we were on our way, what was recently only a dream was on the road to becoming a reality. The relevant documents were compiled and presented to us to sign; so now all we had to was wait for all the red tape to go through the relevant process. After all the approvals were granted it was time to start and we started to worry about what it will to be like trying to live in the house while all the builders are here doing their thing. Didn’t have to worry about a thing, Sam and Darryl are very cognisant of the fact we are still living in the house and made sure any disruption was kept to minimum. During the whole building phase we were kept informed about what was happening and if we came up with any last minute ideas/adjustments they were more than willing to try and accommodate our wishes.

The whole building phase was carried out in what we considered to be a realistic timeframe and was very professionally done. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product and the service provided and the fact there were no hidden costs in the original quote. The only additional costs we were required to pay for was any additional requirements that we came up with along the way and we knew we could afford the additional enhancements because of our confidence in the original quote.

Smith & Sons, led by are Darryl and Sam are a very professional building team who carry out high quality work and are very easy to communicate with.

If ever we required further renovations to our humble abode, we not hesitate to contact Darryl and Sam again; however because they did such a great job the first time we will only be able to recommend them to anyone requiring the same professional results and service we received.

So our dream is now a material reality and we didn’t have to do anything other than contact Smith & Sons Toowoomba and they handled everything; wish everything was so easy.

PS: They can even help with the landscaping.


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Peta N.

You and your people have done a superb job. I'm very happy with the final job and really gladd we went ahead and did it. The difference is just amazing. Well done Darryl. You and your team have been amazine to work with- you took the stress away from having to renovate and delivered a perofessional and beautiful bathroom. 

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Liz & Gav

As soon as we engaged in conversation with Darryl from Smith & Sons in order to request a quote for our house renovation, the team were friendly, articulate and professional.

Darryl and office manager Tania arrived on time, listened to our needs, whilst also value adding different ideas and options to enable the work we required in the most economic way. We received the quote within a week of the initial meeting, which was thorough and inclusive of everything we required.

We were extremely mindful that we didn’t want any surprises price wise and were pleasantly surprised at Darryl’s teams enthusiasm to ensure that we were all on the same page, the entire way through the project.

In doing our own figures, on paper the quote was middle of the road, but when you consider all the inclusions it was by far the best value we could get. We observed that Smith & Sons actually operated like a professional business. They had written timelines and were very keen to ensure that our family was extremely happy with the product.

Darryl continued regular contact prior to building beginning while approvals and plans were finalised. It was most pleasing to have a professional builder explain the planning and council process and this ensured that any hiccups were mitigated smoothly without any stress being caused to us the consumer.

Once the renovation was underway, Darryl and Sam and the rest of their team were respectful that a family still needed to function and get out the door each morning. They always kept us informed of timeframes and what was going to be happening each day and what we could expect. What we specifically liked was the time provided by all the trade persons to explain what they were doing. This shared situational awareness was outstanding for all concerned and allowed progress payments to proceed extremely smoothly.

Put simply if the team said they were going to do something, they did it- what more could you ask for.

The quality of their work was of a very high standard and it was helpful to hear their professional ideas about materials to use for practicality as well as for appearance and look. We were especially impressed with the onsite “builder” Sam and his team. They were so easy going and were genuinely excited at our project and watching our residence transform.

Overall we love the new renovated areas of our home and are very pleased the building experience with Smith & Sons was so positive. If you value quality service at reasonable pricing we would highly recommend this building team for anyone considering work on their home. 

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Ken and Val A.

Darryl, Sam and team, we thank you for the great transformation of our kitchen and bathrooms. It was a pleasure watching your professional team at work renovating our home with minimal inconvenience to us. We highly recommend Darryl, Sam and his team if you are considering renovations. Well done. 

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The Duffy Family

Recently we had the pleasure of working with Darryl & his team at Smith & Sons Toowoomba East. We extend our family home; building a master suite above the garage and a 2 car shed in the backyard (with matching cladding to the house).

We have had a great experience with Smith & Sons, they stuck to budget and the time-frame originally quoted, only adding extra expense & time for additional jobs we wanted done (aka the shed).

As we were overseas a lot during the build, Darryl kept us updated with photos and emails every couple of days. Darryl was more than accommodating with any extra special requests that we threw at him or problems they found during the build (e.g. fixing a leak in the main bathroom, changing all door locks, repairing a hole in the ceiling etc.).

We would highly recommend Smith & Sons Toowoomba East for anyone looking for a builder. From the very start they were the most professional, friendly and communicative builder we received quotes from. They worked with us in timely manner to meet our budget and list of wants.

We were very impressed with the customer service from the start and throughout the whole build. Based on previous experience, generally builders are terrible at customer service and communication, so it was a huge comfort knowing Darryl and his team would be looking after our house and us during the project.

The final product looks fantastic, the workmanship and quality is great. Now our home is finally complete and you would never know that the master suite was added on years later, everything flows and matches perfectly with the rest of the house.

Thank you Darryl & the team at Smith & Sons Toowoomba East.



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Tamara R.

Choosing Smith & Sons Toowoomba East to complete my extension was the best decision I ever made. From start to finish Darryl continuously checked in with me to ensure that I was happy with how everything was progressing. Most days you could guarantee I would be asked the question, “Are you happy?”.

Throughout the build, I was consulted with constantly. It was such a pleasure dealing with everyone on the team as I found them to be approachable, friendly and courteous. They always handled everything in a professional manner. Sometimes Darryl or Sam would have suggestions (but were never pushy!)  on improvements that could be made. Darryl is such a perfectionist and would repair any work that he considered below his standard.

I am absolutely thrilled with the final results of the extension. It has turned out far better than anything that I had originally imagined. I have been telling all my friends about my fantastic extension and the wonderful people who  made it possible. 

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Simone V.

Our four bedroom house was in desperate need of some TLC throughout. It was built in the early 1980s and the only work that had been done on it since then was some fairly amateur DIY by the previous owners. We decided to make a significant number of changes to the home. From removal of non-structural beams and walls to a new deck and flooring changes, the renovations basically touched most of the house in some way.


We chose Smith and Sons following a word of mouth recommendation and they definitely did not disappoint! Sam and Darryl were both absolutely wonderful to deal with. I’m very fussy and detail oriented and they both went above and beyond to ensure our home turned out exactly as we wanted. The quality of their workmanship and finishes were excellent. As with any renovation, there were some unexpected issues that came up along the way due to the age of the home. Sam and Darryl were always proactive about communicating those issues as they arose and coming up with fantastic quality solutions to address them (they didn’t just gloss over or hide these things if they came up). Nothing we asked for was too difficult. Actually their communication with us generally throughout the renovation was excellent. I always felt like I knew what they were working on at a given point in time.


The other thing I really liked about Smith and Sons is that you never felt like you were being ripped off or that they were up to dodgy builders tricks, trying to find ways to make you spend more. They were always very transparent on cost and gave us choices at different price points to address unexpected issues if they arose (and were likely to add cost to our original quote).


We honestly couldn’t be happier with how our home has come up. Thanks to Darryl and Sam from Smith & Sons.It feels like a whole new house! 

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Testimonials from Other Offices


I am delighted to write this testimonial in relation to my build with Ronnie Hanckel, Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions Dural. To start off with friends warned me about building a property [for the first time], as a single female and in her fifties!  I was cautioned the process could be stressful, would most likely cost far more  than estimated and be completed well beyond estimated date.  Well how wrong this advice turned out to! I commenced my project by researching builders of reputation, style and finished product who could deliver something unique and who could impart their knowledge and share ideas.  My brief was to build a characterful, tasteful cottage with a French feel.    I also spoke with the former clients of my top five builders to see how they rated their own individual building experiences. The result was that Ronnie of Smith & Sons, Dural came out on top and from the first time I met him I felt I was in competent, capable hands and with someone who listened and shared my vision for the property I wanted to eventually live in. The really positive points working with Ronnie were:

- Reliable – when Ronnie said he was going to call or email - he did

- Time management – the entire project ran to time.  The only delay was caused by council near the end of completion

- Ideas and knowledge -  he discussed with me and made improvements/changes along the build journey which significantly improved the total construction

- Flexibility – yes I did change my mind on a few occasions!

- Selection of samples – there were many….

- Carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, fitters + joiners and finishers etc – ALL polite, reliable, tidy and great at their jobs

- Budget – project came in exactly on budget

- Listener -  when I was unsure about something Ronnie explained things really well and was always on hand to answer my questions

I really enjoyed my project and the entire design/build process.  I am now living in my ‘dream cottage’ and 100% happy with the finished result. Thank you Ronnie and Lisa, I have no problem in recommending you to any prospective client.

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Dee & Phil

We'd both like to thank Brett from Smith & Sons Hornsby and all of his crew for the works just completed. We're very happy with the quality of the work. It must be said that Rab, the Tiler, did an outstanding job on the tiles. We have no hesitation in making any recommendations in respect of your company - everyone was friendly & polite in addition to the quality of work.

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Gavin Wilson frim Smith & Sons Manly was 1 of 3 builders recommended to us. What struck us about Gavin was his honesty, passion and ability to communicate. We felt Gavin was the right person to build our home. From the beginning, and continuing through the whole build, we were very impressed with the quality and finish of the work, his team were particular and they were always friendly. Gavin discussed any issues that arose in a clear fashion and presented options at all times.  We are so happy with the end result, it looks amazing. We would highly recommend Gavin to anyone building their home.

To see more photos of Robyn’s renovation, click here to visit our Facebook page

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Selwyn & Lesley

We want to thank you Smith & Sons Dural for the professional service they provided in delivering this wonderful addition to our home. We can't be happier with the work they completed and reconfirm it has ended up well beyond our expectations. We wish you and your team all the best in the future and will, as we have done already, recommend you to others.

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I am absolutely delighted to provide a reference for Peter Beeman from Smith & Sons Ryde. His work ethic, attitude, attention to detail was the best I have ever seen.  It is rare in a trades person to exemplify all of these qualities let alone in one still reasonably young.  Nothing was too much trouble for Peter.  Every one of my endless questions was explained in common sense terms so I could understand and I always felt that he treated me with respect.  He is extremely personable and I felt completely comfortable having him in my home.  He is trustworthy, polite and a very decent human being.  Also he is an excellent builder – “I can do anything” he would often say to me and he could! Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Peter Beeman work on their project can rest assured in the knowledge that the job will be completed on time and in a professional manner.

To see more photos of this renovation, click here.

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Jess & Daniel

We could not be happier with the job Ben and his team from Smith and Sons Wyong has done for us. We went into the project without any experience or knowledge on renovating so we were extremely nervous about the whole process. Having a newborn and a toddler we had to make sure we picked the right builder who could look after everything and get the job done properly and with as little disruption as possible, we couldn't be happier with our choice.  Ben was there to offer advice and answer all our questions right from the start he came out to our house with Architect Jak who drew our plans and looked after the approval application Ben explained the whole process and put our minds at ease. The renovation exceeded our expectations and has given us a beautiful forever family home. Ben and all the trades he organised were extremely reliable and considerate of noise, mess and safety which was very important for us; our neighbours have even commented that we had the quietest builders ever. Ben has pride in his work and attention to detail he went the extra mile to make sure everything looked amazing and was to a high standard we really felt looked after. We still cannot believe how fast it was completed and how stress free the whole process was. We would not hesitate to recommend Smith and Sons Wyong to anyone who is thinking of building or renovating.

To see more photos of this renovation, click here to go to our Facebook Page

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Brian & Deb

From the initial meeting to the completion of project, Doug Miller from Smith & Sons Gosford and his team made the building process simple and easy. Doug worked with us directly throughout, providing fantastic design suggestion and advice. He was always available and willing to discuss any ideas and changes we had. Smith and Son’s provided us with a home that we could only dream of. If we were to ever build again, I would have no hesitation in using Doug Miller and Smith and Sons. I thoroughly recommend Smith and Sons for all your building and renovations.

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Nerim & Sarah D

I approached Marko because I was after an outdoor decking and entertainment area. Marko helped me by showing me different designs and making useful suggestions. The result was an awesome outdoor area which we have enjoyed having friends and family over for BBQ's. We were able to give Marko a rough idea of what we were looking for and trusted his advice and execution  

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Jens & Marita Wachter

After Matt did a wonderful job completing a double storey extension to our Park Orchards residence back in 2009, it was clear that we would call upon him again to renovate our Donvale home.

We found Matt to be extremely professional with excellent communication & organisation skills. With his advice, he helped us to save money in some areas without compromising the end result. His tradesmen are reliable and respectful and completed an excellent job.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Matt to anyone wanting to build or renovate, in fact I have already and they were just as happy as we are.

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June & Colin

The experience’s we had with Smith & Sons Tweed Heads during renovations to our 22 year Townhouse was one of “life’s learning events”, especially for us in our senior years.
Andrew and Lyn were very patient with us during the decision making for a full Kitchen renovation, En-suite renovation, Bathroom renovation & Laundry renovation   
With Andrew’s experience, the Designs, Hardware fittings, Colour co-ordinations all came together without a problem.
The Smith & Sons workers were very polite and well qualified in their respective trades, which assured quality workmanship.
We have no hesitation in recommending Smith & Sons Tweed Heads for any building and renovation work.
June and Colin 
Banora Point

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Kathie and John Powell

I and my husband were entering into the unknown when we decided to renovate and extend our existing home of 43 years in Berwick but after meeting with Hayden our fears were abandoned. He was a willing listener to all our concerns and needs, big or small. Any of our queries were answered immediately and professionally.
Hayden was accessible 24/7, always ready to advise and listen. His professionalism and work ethics could not be questioned.He was always polite and worked in an efficient and quiet manner with great respect for persons and property and an eye for detail.
Punctuality +++ as was that of his tradesmen. We were impressed with their professionalism and always left the site clean and tidy. They worked quietly and showed tremendous regard to our property and that of our neighbours. In fact our neighbours often commented on how early they arrived on site and how they worked efficiently and quietly all day.
Hayden worked within our budget and any variations were discussed fully and the project was completed in the time frame allowed.
We have found the experience and the final result exceeding our expectations. Because we were older when taking on this project we were, at times, out of our comfort zone but we are overjoyed with the final result and would highly recommend Hayden and his team to others who are wanting to renovate or rebuild, and we would not hesitate in speaking to them if they required some feedback.
Kathie and John Powell

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We employed Smith and Sons to fully renovate our house so that we could have extra room for Mum who had come to live with us. We had decided to change the whole layout of the house, adding new bathrooms, walk in robes, an alfresco area, changed the layout of the kitchen, we had new windows and sliding doors put in, in total, it was quite a big job.


Right from the start, from the moment Ilhan came to give us a quote for the renovation we felt very comfortable and gave them the job straight away. Ilhan, Reg and Younis were absolutely fantastic to work with, nothing was too much trouble for them even when we changed our minds throughout the works. Their advice was invaluable. They are very trustworthy and conferred with us throughout the whole project.


We would be very happy to recommend Smith and Sons to anybody contemplating any size renovations and we will use them without hesitation again in the future if required. 

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Mariana & Guy

Click here to watch Mariana and Guy's video testimonial.

To see the photos of this renovation, click here to got to our Facebook Page

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Michael Leigh

Smith & Sons Essendon recently finished renovating our townhouse in Brighton East and did a wonderful job. The project involved gutting and starting over in 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and a dining/living space. We're incredibly happy with the job and everything's come up even better than we'd imagined. Joe has been very helpful through every step of the way. We had a very clear vision of what we wanted with this renovation and from the time we first met Joe, we were very comfortable knowing he'd be able to bring it to fruition for us; and he has. Joe was able to take our ideas and provide some creative ones of his own which have taken our reno to another level and we couldn't be happier. Joe's been with us every step of the way, alleviating any concerns and always making himself available to explain every step of the process. We'd highly recommend using Smith & Sons and we'd have no hesitation using them for our next project.

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I am delighted to be able to say I engaged the services of Gavin Wilson from Smith & Sons Manly as a builder for a major renovation/re build of my premises in Collaroy St Collaroy. Gavin not only exceeded everyone’s expectations with a faultless job that blew everyone’s minds, he saved me thousands by adding his common sense approach to his recommendations. The re build was finished on time with every major step explained and no surprises. A no nonsense builder that exceeds expectations. I have no hesitation in recommending Gavin to anyone considering engaging the services of a builder.

To see more photos of Julie’s renovation, click here to visit our Facebook page

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Click here to watch Sarah's video testimonial

To see more photos of this renovation, click here go to our Facebook page

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Voni & Jon

Peter was our builder, building manger on the extensive renovation of our Wahroonga home. You may be considering Peter Beeman and his team from Smith & Sons Ryde to renovate, build or repair your property. We engaged Peter and his team for 7 months to extensively internally and externally renovate our property. In summary Peter did a fantastic job. In more detail he takes care of the detail, does not take the easy option and is up open and up front about dealing with the inevitable problems during the build. His building skills are first rate. He is building his team and learning how to be a good manger and he holds his team to his high standards. His relationships with subbies and other skilled tradies is also strong and he is learning to be discerning and choose the right partners that reflect his high standards. The final test for us was to see if Peter finished the job properly and return to complete all these end of project completion jobs. He has fully delivered on this. His work ethic, attitude and attention to detail was first rate. He is trustworthy, polite and in a tough industry a good person. Experience will turn Peter into a fine builder. If I have any advice in dealing with Peter it is to keep the communication open and straight forward. Have a beer with him, treat him as an equal.  Talk to him not at him and pay his bills on time. He will stress if he is feeling stressed and ultimately that is not healthy. In summary with the above advice in mind Voni and I fully recommend Peter Beeman and he would be our first choice on our next project.

To see more photos of Voni & Jon's Wahroongah home renovation, click here.

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Tina & Scott

We would like to write a testimonial in regards to our experience while working with Ben Falconer from Smith & Sons Wyong on the renovations of our house. We were very sceptical and unsure before starting this process as it was our first major house renovation. We had ponded over this for years, always putting it off. Shopping down at Westfield Tuggerah we approached and questioned Ben who was there advertising for Smith and Sons renovations and extensions. Ben made us feel comfortable and helped us understand the procedures involved in renovating. We walked away with a clear understanding on how it all worked and a feeling of ease. These were the main reasons specifically for deciding to use Ben and his team. After deciding to go ahead we contacted Ben who then walked us through the procedures step by step. With help from Jak, the Architect, and Ben with cost relating figures we came up with a design that was far and beyond better, then anything we had ever imagined. During the process time of the build I always found Ben to be polite, easy to talk to, always answered my questions directly and acted promptly. His work was always done and finished to its best. He is a man of his word, finishing the job before his estimated time frame, within budget and far better than ever expected. I would strongly recommend Ben and his team to any of my friends, family and would have no hesitation in using Ben again in any future projects. 

To see more photos of this renovation, click here to go to our Facebook page

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Greg & Kim

Just a quick note to say thanks to the team from Smith & Sons Hornsby for delivering a top quality result at a great price. You're definitely our first choice for the next project. Thanks again!

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Michelle & Patrick

We’d like to thank Justin and Steph from Smith & Sons Dee Why Warringah for the professional approach taken in respect of the addition of a back deck to our place. Quick responses to our questions, great advice on meeting compliance regulations, work professionally project managed and delivered on time, and a high quality finished product.  You can’t’ ask for much more!!

To see more photos of this renovation, click here to go to our Facebook page

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Sasha & Susie O.

We decided to use Marko and his team as we have used them on previous renovations and extensions and their service has always been amazing. Trades have always been on time and projects have run smoothly. Whenever we had issues with design or change of ideas Marko would sit down with us and work through and brainstorm with us to achieve our end goals.

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I had a significant lounge room extension completed, along with the addition of a new deck. While the job initially appeared straightforward, there emerged a number of challenges surrounding incorporation of the new roof with the existing structure, particularly in relation to the location of drainage.

I was really happy with how Matt was able to problem solve the issue and come up with a workable solution, which also involved replacing more of the existing guttering than had originally been anticipated. The issue of finding terracotta bricks to match the existing structure was also handled really well and once completed, it was impossible to tell that replacement bricks had been used.

Lastly, I was impressed that cornice had been found to identically match the existing cornice in the lounge room. It was this attention to detail that left me really happy with the final outcome of the project, which was completed over a period of 3 months in line with the original quotation, despite the issues noted above. The work has significantly increased both the liveability of my property and its presentation.

Many thanks Ben!

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Vonetta and Tony Jones

Neil Whittred of Smith & Sons recently undertook a major renovation of our Gold Coast apartment.

The renovation incorporated a total refit of the kitchen with all new appliances, cupboards and stone bench tops, two brand new bathrooms, tiling and carpeting the whole of our 16 square apartment, and a totally new paint job.

Neil was extremely professional through the whole process.  His quote was significantly lower than the other quotes due to the economies of scale that Smith & Sons is able to achieve on account of the size of the Australia-wide franchise.

He explained each step of the renovation process so we knew exactly what to expect.  Then he delivered a finished job which, in our opinion, is perfect.

He is also just a heck of a nice guy.  We could not thank and praise him enough.  Also everyone who stays in the apartment is extremely complimentary about the standard of finish and we are generating a far better return than we did before the renovation.

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Peter & Anna Hogbin

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Neil Whittred and his team from Smith and Sons – Gold Coast Central for bringing our renovation ideas to life, we are absolutely thrilled with the finished product! Our home now has more outdoor living space, the area flows better and the construction included the materials we love being timber, sandstone and beautiful greenery, in addition to fitting in with the existing materials. Being our first renovation we had undertaken, we wanted a builder who understood what we wanted to achieve and we feel Neil did this from the outset, his guidance, support and commitment was fantastic, we feel very happy with our newly renovated home and would have no hesitation in recommending Neil at Smith and Sons – Gold Coast Central.

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Hi Brett,

Thanks so much for the excellent and professional job you guys did. It is exactly what we wanted and more.

We have already started telling plenty of our friends about you guys and will be dropping your name when holding future BBQ's.

Many thanks again!

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Katrina Wright

The whole process of dealing with Hayden from planning through to building was both enjoyable and hassle free.

After hearing so many horror stories from friends who have extended, we found it an absolute pleasure to deal with Hayden. Hayden and his associates had integrity, an ability to listen to what we wanted and to follow through on our wishes. Having a house with a heritage overlay, we wanted to make some modern changes but also retain the local significance of the age of the home.

Thanks to Hayden and the team, we now have a gorgeous new spacious home that we love.


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Olivia Webb

We are super thrilled and happy with the final results! Smith & Sons Mackay North did an amazing job and stuck to the time frame perfectly. We would recommend Smith & Sons Mackay North to anyone who wants to renovate their home, thank you guys!

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Leonie and Bruce Pratt

Thanks Brett and team at Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions for the great addition of the patio roof over our deck, because of your design we now have a great tropical space to live in. Thanks too Brett for good consultation throughout the entire process- you were thorough from start to finish. We love it! See you on our next job!

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Deborah Reddy

Neil from smith and sons gold coast central has done an amazing job on two bathrooms and separate toilet for my family and me. It was not an easy job by any means as our home is over 35 years old and needed quite a bit of elbow grease to bring it up to scratch. Neil listened and delivered what I wanted in a timely manner.

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Julie Quinlan

Thanks so much to the Smith & Sons team (and our fantastic architects). We couldn`t be more thrilled with the final result. To Hayden Loomes, you are amazing and we couldn`t have asked for anyone better to make this happen. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to this project!

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Shane Hackett

Andrew Thian managed a $110k 'backyard blitz' at my Highgate Hill property, transforming an ugly, small, steep, unused space into a beautiful and very functional garden, entertaining, carport and storage area.

The property itself is only 410sqm in size (40m x 10m) with a level difference of 7m from front to rear boundary.  As you can see from the 'before' photos, the rear of the property consisted of a steep rocky bank (Coorparoo Shale) with an existing single driveway crossover to the street.

Our brief to Andrew was to manage the level change through retaining walls, ensure exceptional drainage to avoid water issues at the house, establish both flower and vegetable gardens, create a boatshed for my 6m fishing boat plus a car space with automatic gate entry and last but not least, an outdoor spa.

I asked Andrew to manage the entire project from start to finish since I work full-time, Monday to Friday with no time for organising contractors etc.  I sketched my initial thoughts by hand and sent them to a landscape architect (JW Concepts) to draw up, then Andrew took care of the rest.  From start to finish the job was done in 3 months, without any hassles for me.  Importantly to me, Andrew always consulted me before making key decisions such as modifying the height or location of retaining walls to make things work better.

Andrew is a problem solver.  He was very creative in finding solutions to the challenges that arose as we progressed, and drew on his extensive experience in a really wide range of construction activities to make things work.  Nothing was a problem because Andrew came up with several options for each situation, checked in with me then went for it.  He managed the sub-contractors (excavators, plumbers, electricians, painters etc.) really well because he has done most of this work himself, enabling him to speak their language and challenge their thinking.

Four years on, I can honestly say that I haven't had a single problem with the construction.  The large concrete slab for the boat/car area hasn't cracked, the retaining walls haven't moved, the drainage has been unbelievable even during the January 2011 rainfall and also the Australia Day storms in 2013.  My wife loves the gardens, which are maturing really well and we spend a lot of time in the vegetable garden.  Most importantly to me, the boatshed is the envy of my mates.  As a fisherman himself, Andrew made sure it was built to suit my needs, right down to the fish cleaning area and 'man shed'.

If you are looking for a versatile, experienced and easy to get along with builder to manage any size residential project for you, I definitely recommend contacting Andrew.  I couldn’t be happier.

Shane Hackett

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Kate De Bolfo

“Home Renovation”- for the inexperienced, these two words can understandably evoke genuine fear. After a few false starts, we found eventually found Ashley Fraser from Smith & Sons, which would prove to be a masterstroke. After some productive discussions about style, budget and timeframe, we quickly found ourselves in the middle of a well-co-ordinated and high quality kitchen and bathroom makeover. Smith and Sons’ passionate and committed core of electricians, plumbers, painters and carpenters delivered in spades, just as Ashley said they would. Put simply, Smith & Sons ticked all the boxes. The tradesmen were friendly, on time, and adept at their craft. Importantly, they listened, advised and acted on any additions or alterations we called for along the way. All we had to do was sit back, relax, and watch them bring our home back to life. Many people have renovation horror stories to tell- this isn’t one of them. Thanks Ashley! Kate and Tony De Bolfo

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Vicki & Chris

We just wanted to sincerely express our gratitude to Justin, Stephanie and all the wonderful trades of Smith & Sons Dee Why that worked on the magnificent renovation of our home.  Under Justin’s lead, he and all the tradies mirrored our own high quality demands and attention to detail.  As we had never renovated before, and with a fair amount of work to be done, it was important for us to work with a team who shared our own standards and expectations.  Nothing for Justin and his team was too much trouble.  Everyone was polite, friendly, courteous, professional and very patient in answering all our questions.  On the rare occasions when problems arose, they were addressed swiftly and without question.  If we asked for a change this was always happily completed.  We were consulted and involved in every aspect of the job.  Throughout the renovation we lived on site in our caravan.  Justin and his team thoughtfully accommodated this.  They ensured we always had power and water connected and kept the debris and construction materials away from our living zone.  In the end our 1960’s original home was transformed into a beautiful, elegant, open plan space complimented by modern design and functionality, and a wonderful connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.  We cannot recommend Justin and his team highly enough.  They are just the best! 

To see more photos of Vicki & Chris' renovation, click here to visit our Facebook Page

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Gavin from Smith & Sons Manly has worked with us on four projects to modernize our 70-year-old home. These included: Improving drainage under the house, which created room for a wine cellar; A patio for outdoor entertaining; Guest bathroom and improving the hallway/kitchen design; and Main bathroom. We really like the way Gavin approached the construction methodology and is looking at ways to improve the liveability and usefulness of the space whilst identifying opportunities to reduce capital expenditure. An example was through subtle re-design of the patio that enabled the use of standard trusses and saved the need to excavate then build foundations, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

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Megan & Warren

We have engaged Tony Lucien from Smith & Sons Maroubra for 2 major renovation projects and in both instances the projects were delivered on time and to exceptionally high standard and quality, with all our needs, concerns and wish lists addressed. We found working with Tony a breeze, his passion for his job and the pride in work is infectious. He has the ability to provide options and explain building requirements with real clarity and with no question too silly attitude which puts you as the client at ease. He was diligent in keeping us across all aspects of the project, always answering our calls and provided regular updates on the progress so we felt very included in the decisions and evolution of our home, even when not on-site. We are soooo happy with our newly renovated home and would gladly recommend Tony for any job – big or small!

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We engaged Peter Beeman from Smith & Sons Ryde to renovate our en-suite bathroom two years ago after he was recommended to us by two sets of friends. From the outset Pete’s communication was a standout: he clearly understands that the client has a mix of ideas, some of which will work and some won’t, and that either way the client deserves the respect of being listened to. We had some very specific ideas on innovations we wanted to bring to the bathroom: for some of them Pete showed us clearly and patiently why they worked better on Internet websites than in reality, but most importantly, even for some of the crazy ideas Pete listened and worked with us to find practical solutions. From showers without taps to motion-sensor lighting and invisible drains to a heated towel rail right outside the shower, Pete found a way of making it work AND being within the compliance standards of Australia – he wasn’t budging on compliance and would not accept shortcuts. We had to change suppliers and products where necessary to fit inside Australian laws, but the process came together beautifully and we have an end result that we are extremely pleased with. Pete was onsite most mornings at the crack of dawn, ready for the day’s discussion about progress, tradespeople, innovation, design, materials, options and more – this was a real highlight of working together and gave us a feeling of being part of the final product. It’s now been two years and we haven’t had a single reason to complain, and haven’t had to call Pete back for anything. Would I recommend Pete? Would I use him again? Absolutely – in fact, we already have recommended him to friends down the road (he started a few weeks ago) and he’s going to be doing far more significant renovations for us once our council approvals have come in! I highly recommend Pete’s work, ethics, standards and communications to anyone considering doing building work.

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We had our pool /outdoor dining deck made by Smith & Sons Wyong and absolutely love it. It completes our backyard & couldn’t have chosen a better builder to complete the task. A quote was originally given & adhered to, during the quote stage ideas & options were offered to us to get the best out of our backyard & deck. The deck was completed in a timely manner & communication was of an optimum. I would 100% recommend Ben Falconer to any of my friends. Thanks once again for such a great job, always receiving compliments about our deck.

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Greg & Debbie

The whole renovating experience was made as painless as possible; all of Smith & Sons Hornsby’s tradesmen were polite and respectful of us and our home. A top quality finish, no complaints.

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Brendan & Ruth

Quality workmanship, clear, simple communication and a professional outfit – that’s our experience with the crew at Smith & Sons Dee Why Warringah. Justin and the team delivered a beautiful Aussie hardwood deck to us just in time for Christmas. We were kept in the loop the whole way along, they use the latest technology for updates, the workmanship is fantastic and they are very adaptable to changing requirements through the job to ensure the best outcome. We couldn’t recommend these guys more highly – if you want a quality job and to have a hassle free experience, choose Smith & Sons.

To see more photos of this renovation, click here to go to our Facebook page

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Sally B

We approached Marko to do some minor works to our investment property, from the first meeting we had he gave us some good ideas on how we could maximise the limited space we had in the kitchen area. We worked with Marko and his team to ensure that the renovation would stick within our budgets but also provide a fresh new look to our investment property. 

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We used Matt Braby for our house renovations back in Dec 2012 to early 2013, after we had good reviews of their work from friends who had renovations done and we had seen first hand the quality of work done.

Matt provided us with a no frills, reasonable quote without hidden costs, along with honest advice about the best approach to our renovations.

The quality of construction was of high standard and timely fashion, and he provided us with good communications when delays we're unforeseeable.

We would certainly use Matt again for any future renovations.

Thankyou Duc

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Sean Guisen

Joe was fantastic to deal with. He provided a professional service, was down to earth, provided us advice and completed the renovation on time and within our budget. The quality of the renovation is excellent. Highly recommend!

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Kathie and John Powell

I and my husband were entering into the unknown when we decided to renovate and extend our existing home of 43 years in Berwick but after meeting with Hayden our fears were abandoned. He was a willing listener to all our concerns and needs, big or small. Any of our queries were answered immediately and professionally.
Hayden was accessible 24/7, always ready to advise and listen. His professionalism and work ethics could not be questioned.He was always polite and worked in an efficient and quiet manner with great respect for persons and property and an eye for detail.
Punctuality +++ as was that of his tradesmen. We were impressed with their professionalism and always left the site clean and tidy. They worked quietly and showed tremendous regard to our property and that of our neighbours. In fact our neighbours often commented on how early they arrived on site and how they worked efficiently and quietly all day.
Hayden worked within our budget and any variations were discussed fully and the project was completed in the time frame allowed.
We have found the experience and the final result exceeding our expectations. Because we were older when taking on this project we were, at times, out of our comfort zone but we are overjoyed with the final result and would highly recommend Hayden and his team to others who are wanting to renovate or rebuild, and we would not hesitate in speaking to them if they required some feedback.
Kathie and John Powell

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Anne Moore

Neil was recommended to us to totally renovate 2 bathrooms. Neil responded to our initial enquiry promptly and enthusiastically. We were very impressed with all his tradesmen who arrived at the times they stated, and always cleaned up at the end of the day. Neil guided us through the selection of products and gave us his constant attention during the job. Thank you Neil for a job well done and we will have no problem recommending you to others.

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Cassandra Callinan

Smith and Sons were fantastic!  So many people warned us how hard and stressful a major extension and renovation would be and how so many builders are untrustworthy -  this was not the case with Smith and Sons - we would definitely use Smith & Sons again.  They were polite, had initiative and good ideas and communicated well.  We actually really enjoyed their company for the months we saw each other every morning!

We are happy with the workmanship and are now enjoying living in our renovated home.

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I was introduced to Warwick from Smith & Sons Castle Hill as a contract builder for a small but complex renovation I did recently. It involved a lot of logistical thought. I found Warwick to be a rare soul: both very skilled and knowledgeable, very quick to creatively solve problems, and also to be excellent in his contract business dealings with me. The final result was excellent. Every small detail considered important. I appreciated his service and highly recommend him to all.

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Tom & Pim

Ronnie & his team from Smith & Sons Dural recently built our new home. We found them to be very professional & extremely accommodating to our changes along the way. We were very happy with the quality of workmanship & they definitely earn an appreciative seal of approval from us.

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Peter and his team from Smith & Sons Ryde saved my house. After a termite infestation and a dodgy rebuild, Peter came in and was able to identify the problem with the roof rebuild and fix it! Peter and his team are dream builders - dependable, respectful and good communicators! They left the site tidy and are amazingly trustworthy. And best of all Peter is a problem solver - nothing seems to be too hard for him! Best thing I did was to call him! My roof is fixed, my living rooms renovated and looking fabulous - thanks Peter!

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I employed Ben Falconer from Smith & Sons Wyong as project manager and as a tradesman in the building of my new home Ben has done earlier work for me which was of a standard someone could only hope for and so I had absolutely no hesitation employing him for a major project. I have a trade background myself (electrical fitter) and am very capable of telling if something is level, square and straight. When people such as gyprockers make positive comments such as “this is the squarest and straight house we’ve ever done," it says it all. Ben’s knowledge of the building industry became obvious when he was required to engage specialist trades people such as concreters, tilers, painters etc. Every single person employed by him produced work to the highest possible standard. As the project proceeded he was able to offer many suggestions that I had not thought of, all of which contributed vastly to improve the final outcome. Finally, and I consider this extremely important, the standard of safety maintained on the site was exceptional. Since 2008 every single person that has entered my house has commented about the quality of our lovely home.

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I approached Brett from Smith & Sons Hornsby because I needed a verandah and carport built in keeping with my holiday house in an eco-estate that has strict building guidelines. Brett came out to look at the property, then came back to me with plans on how it would look and gave me pricing, based on progressive stages of completion. I went ahead with the verandah and plan to complete the carport and covered walkway in the near future. They were very easy to work with and I am very happy with the quality of the job. I would highly recommend Smith & Sons Hornsby to anyone needing help turning their ideas into a reality!

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Michelle and Phil

Smith & Sons Doncaster renovated our 50 year old home, an original farm house from a medium sized home to a large home with four bedrooms plus study, multiple living areas and a four car garage. The renovation included internal and external works - inclusive of pool and decking areas. The team at Smith & Sons were amazing, reliable and extremely efficient with a good attention to detail. And the project finished ahead of schedule!  We would definitely recommend Matt and his team and renovate with them again!

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Renee Hayes

I would like to thank Joe and his team for the amazing job they have done on my recent renovations! 
It has been a pleasure to deal with Joe and his team because they were friendly, professional, honest, always on time and ready to go. 
Joe helped us from start to finish, assisting us with design, products etc. 
It was such a relief not to have to worry as this was our first renovation. We did not know what to expect, but Joe kept us updated along the way. 
The finished product has exceeded out expectations. 
I would like to thank Joe and his team for making this a great first renovator's experience. I would not hesitate to recommend the team to anyone who is planning on undergoing a renovation. 




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Darren Whittington

Awesome job Neil Whittred and the Smith & Sons Gold Coast Central team, still can’t believe it! The kitchen and bathroom were screaming out for a makeover. Mum and Dad are very happy with all your renovations especially the kitchen and bathroom. Highly recommended for quality finish and workmanship.

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Anita & Marc

We asked Warwick from Smith & Sons Castle Hill to complete some internal renovations that included removing a load bearing wall and installing structural steel beams and then creating a kitchen, dining and lounge living space. We chose Warwick over the other quotes because he provided us with advice and solutions above and beyond the scope of works. His quote came in a timely manner and looked to be best value for money. Warwick didn’t disappoint; now having completed the works, we couldn’t recommend Warwick and Smith & Sons Castle Hill enough. The attention to detail and constant communication and advice he provided during the build provided us with the comfort of knowing our home was in good hands. The final result was a space that our family love spending time in and the confidence to say we will be using Warwick in the future for further works.

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Shannon & Charles

Dan from Smith & Sons Baulkham Hills is such an easy and talented builder to work with. His relaxed nature, easy-going personality and can-do work ethic is a GREAT combo to have working on your home/project. We always had crazy questions, demands and ideas for our renovation to which he always listened and advised us on what would be the fairest and wisest choice to make (even when we decided to rip out the kitchen and make the job two times larger than it originally was)! His years of experience working on small and large jobs certainly benefited us and our larger-than-anticipated home renovation project. I would, and do, confidently refer Dan to all friends, family and... well, anyone that wants a trustworthy and talented builder! Thanks Dan!

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Nicki & James

Ronnie & his team at Smith & Sons Dural were a pleasure to deal at all times when they recently completed a renovation on our home. They exceeded our expectations on every account & showed a level of expertise way above our previous experience with other builders. We would not hesitate to recommend Ronnie & his team to anyone thinking of building or renovating.

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Claire & Mark

It was a pleasure to work with Peter and his team from Smith & Sons Ryde on the renovation of our home. We can recommend him very highly. Throughout the course of the renovation, Peter was absolutely professional. Our job was done with care and precision and we valued his ideas on design and materials used. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of the project. In addition, Peter is extremely clean and tidy in the workplace. He and his assistant never left the workplace in a mess, which we appreciated very much. We are extremely happy with the work carried out by Peter, he has made our home much more liveable - great outcome, thanks Peter!

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Anne & Phil

We are very happy with our renovation completed by Smith & Sons Wyong – thank you for a job well done. The tedious process of demolition and rebuilding was relatively pain free and your good communication with us eased the very few hiccups that occurred along the way. All the tradesmen were excellent - pleasant, courteous, tidy, efficient and good at their job. Post renovations both you and Ben have followed up our queries and ensured we were totally satisfied with the work.

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Brett and his team were very professional to deal with and the job on the clubhouse went really well. We would like to involve Smith & Sons Hornsby on more works in the future.

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Kirsty Campbell

I wanted to pass some feedback and thank Joe from Essendon and his team. Joe and his team were very professional and were a delight to having in my house. They assisted in repairs after a flood and were very punctual and mindful of my young baby in terms of minimal noise and disruption. The job is fantastic and I appreciated Joe being onsite and ensuring a quality job at all times. Nothing was too much trouble and I appreciated suggestions he made to ensure a quality finish. I would not hesitate to use Joe and his team again so thank you for quality people as it is so hard to find good honest help when you are not from the industry!

Thank you,

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Vic & John Loveday

Dear Neil
Just writing to say a job well done.
Vic & I are extremely happy with the end result of converting our tied 1 bathroom, 1 toilet & Landry.To an amazing Ensuite (shower, pedestal bath, vanity & toilet), Bathroom (shower, vanity & toilet) and revamped laundry.
The professionalism and quality is second to none, Neil was always accommodating and willing to listen to any suggestions or change of plan as we progressed with the renovation.
We would not hesitate and already have recommended Neil to our friends and family if they are looking to renovate. 
Thanks again
Vic and John Loveday

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This is to certify that Ronnie Hanckel from Smith & Sons Dural is personally known to me, having recently purchased one of his professionally constructed homes. I am very satisfied with the professionalism that Ronnie has shown prior & after our purchase, his knowledge & help has been greatly appreciated. On inspecting numerous properties in our area over a long period of time, this property was by far the best professionally constructed home. I would not hesitate in recommending Ronnie's building expertise & services to whoever may require them.

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Peter Beeman from Smith & Sons Ryde recently replaced an external timber staircase at our St Ives home. I was impressed with the service provided by Peter from the outset as well as the standard of workmanship upon completion. Peter was immediately responsive to my initial phone query and arrived punctually to provide a competitive quote with breakdown options relating to materials and project scope. Upon engagement he completed the work in record time, was clean and tidy and most importantly polite and courteous to my wife and family. Where a change to scope was noted Peter called me to discuss options and kept me updated on progress throughout. The project was completed to a very high standard. I propose to engage Peter Beeman again for future work and would accordingly endorse him without hesitation as a trustworthy and reliable tradesman who delivers to very high standards.

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Megan & Graham

I would like to write and thank Ben Falconer of Smith & Sons Wyong after engaging him to build / construct a relatives’ accommodation for us. The job was to convert our existing double garage into three rooms (including an en-suite) for our mother /in law to reside in. Ben has shown complete professionalism throughout the entire job phase, firstly at the planning stage right through to completion. Ben on many occasions would go outside normal boundaries to ensure the work was completed both to his high expectations and on time. Whether it was dealing with council issues or supply of goods issues, he was always there to get the job done. The job was completed on time and we are thoroughly happy with the result and all the efforts of Ben and his team. It is without hesitation that we would recommend Ben Falconer and his services.

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I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Smith & Sons Ryde to anyone who is planning a large or small renovation. I recently renovated the kitchen, laundry and family room of my 80-year-old home. This work involved demolition of some walls and redesign of the whole area. Peter Beeman, the builder, was professional in every way, easing the inevitable disruptions that such a big renovation involves. He was always completely reliable, punctual and honest. He discussed each step fully and made sure I understood the cost and the nature of the work which would be done. He consulted me in advance at all stages. In an old home, there will always be unexpected issues, but Peter always found solutions. Peter and his team were always very courteous and polite, and went out of their way to assist me. Peter has high standards for himself and expects the same of others who work with him. I am delighted with the renovation and would contact Peter immediately if I ever decide to do another one.

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I would like to thank Ben and his team from Smith & Sons Wyong for the wonderful job they did in adding significant value to our investment property at Beachcomber Parade, Toukley. From start to finish we felt like we were the only client you had and didn’t waste time getting to the point which is exactly what we needed to an efficient and extremely impressive build of our granny flat. They removed the stress of the build from us by handling the Council which isn’t something we were looking forward to and made the whole process easy…except for picking the colours for the granny flat which almost resulted in myself or my husband moving into the granny flat!  The finished product is quality from top to bottom. The raised pergola roof adds a whole other room and awesome entertaining area. It’s amazing what they’ve done with such little space. The team were respectful of our tenants in the main house on the block during the build which we really appreciated too. Thankyou sincerely to Ben and the team. We really appreciate everything they have done and are extremely happy with the end product as are the lucky new tenants.

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I had hired Mr. Beeman from Smith & Sons Ryde for the renovation of my 3-bedroom unit. Throughout the course of the renovation, Mr. Beeman was a skilled professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of the project. He chose and managed the sub-contractors well. The job was done with care and precision. In addition, he is extremely clean and tidy in the workplace. He and his assistant never left the worksite in disarray. They vacuumed routinely in the unit and also the common stairwell. If there were any delays, due to suppliers Mr Beeman was quick to let me know and always had options available - there was always a solution. Although the project took time to complete, due to delays outside of Mr Beeman's control it never detracted from the overall project finish. I am very happy with the outcome.

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Mrs J White

I have just had a large renovation, taking in the full length of the house. Ben Falconer of Smith & Sons Wyong attended to all facets of the renovation, with speed, diligence, courtesy, the end result was stunning, so much more than I expected. I have no hesitation in recommending ben falconer for any building or renovation you have in mind, i fully intend to use Smith & Sons Wyong again a little later down the track.

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Peter from Smith & Sons Ryde has just completed his second job for us. He is trustworthy, reliable, has a meticulous eye for detail and sticks to his quote even at detriment to himself. The only variation we have ever had is a 25% variation downwards in our favour. He is also respectful of your property and your privacy and is not intrusive to have around. He is actually a pleasure to have around. In short, he is a rare and lucky find. We will continue to use him in future renovations. I unreservedly recommend Peter and am happy to support this written reference verbally on 0415 802 858. It would be nice to see a builder with integrity prosper and I wish every success to Peter for the future.

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Michelle & Andrew

We started the process unsure of what we wanted to build. We then met with Ben from Smith & Sons Wyong and immediately knew he was the perfect builder for us. We are a busy family of five who work full time and wanted a home that would provide extra space for us and our growing kids. Ben guided us every step of the way and held my hand throughout the process. Nothing was too small nor too hard. The experience with Ben at Smith and Sons Wyong was a remarkable one. It felt like I was the only home they were renovating. We received lots of personal attention. We now have an absolutely stunning home and had a really great experience doing it along the way, we wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for Ben at Smith and Sons Wyong. They are truly the best.

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I can highly recommend Peter Beeman of Smith & Sons Ryde as a very professional builder whose work is of a high standard. He comes when he says he will, he is punctual, he answers calls promptly and is a pleasure to deal with.

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Kim & Jeff

My husband and I attended the Newcastle Home Show and came across a stand for Smith & Sons Wyong. We filled out an enquiry form as we were looking to build a covered deck. Ben Falconer contacted us and was one of four people we had come out to give us a quote. Of the four, only two gave written quotes and Ben was one of them. For the same price as two of the estimates for a concrete slab deck, and half the price of the price of the other quote for a wooden deck, we now have a beautiful, covered wooden deck that is so sturdily built we have nicknamed it the bomb shelter. Ben and his team were prompt, professional and most importantly maintained excellent communication throughout the process. We have endured horrendous renovations previously and in sharp contrast to our past experiences it was an absolute pleasure to deal with Smith and Sons from start to finish. We have no hesitation in recommending Smith and Sons for any work you wish done to your property. They are trustworthy, hardworking and give a high quality finished product. We are absolutely thrilled with our covered deck and retaining wall and would look to them for any future projects we undertake.

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Pete from Smith & Sons Ryde has expertly assisted us with a number of internal building works and we are soon to engage him to build a timber deck. His training as a carpenter has given him an excellent foundation on which to base his building expertise. He has an eye for detail and prides himself on producing high quality work. Pete is quick to respond to questions and in our experience has kept to agreed time frames.

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I contacted Smith & Sons Wyong in 2009 to provide a new Colorbond roof for my house after it was damaged by storm weather. Ben was able to explain to me in a straightforward manner the work that was required and what the end result would look like. The quote was competitive with other builders I had contacted but what really impressed me was the high level of quality finish on the job. Since this time I have used Ben to complete renovations to both my bathroom and kitchen with Ben providing valuable insight into possible layout designs. In both cases Ben seamlessly managed the various trades from glaziers, plumbers and electricians to ensure the job was completed on-time. The work Ben has completed on my house has added value and exceeded my expectations. I recommend Ben Falconer regularly to friends and family who need renovation work completed and will continue to do so in the future.

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Michael Sweeny | Architect at MassDesign

I have known Peter from Smith & Sons Ryde for several years and we have worked together. Peter was the site supervisor on a $600,000 renovation in Northbridge, Sydney where I was the Architect. The project was complex in parts comprising a curved roof supported by laminated timber beams and a copper wall cladding system, also several of the window and wall openings were of unusual shapes. Peter managed the high level of co-ordination required for the timber carpentry and all the sub trades which contributed to the successful outcome of the project. I can happily recommend Peter as the main contractor on similar sized projects.

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