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The Geelong area includes urban, rural and coastal areas, which surrounds the city. Over two-thirds of the population live in the urban areas. Geelong is known as the ‘Gateway’ as it is centrally located between many other regional centers in Victoria and has positioned itself as one of the leading non-capital Australian cities. The Geelong region is recognized for it’s ideal lifestyle, is the home to fabulous schools, fulfilling careers & great housing options, with housing expanding rapidly across all areas. At Smith and Sons Geelong we feel we are the lucky ones, being able to service the Geelong area. Surrounded by beaches and bays Geelong is rich in history with residential development dating back to the 1830’s. Our customers are passionate homeowners who choose to restore their homes to their original appeal, or expand on new developments. They have an emotional attachment to their home; love their neighborhood and the strong sense of community that surrounds them. Not to forget… we are the home to the Geelong Football Club the mighty Cats!

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