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From a quick tidy up to a full makeover – the difference a quality renovation can make to the exterior of any home is astounding! Browse our gallery below to see the dramatic change an external renovation could make to your home!

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The exterior of every home is always battling the elements of the weather – be it rain, hail, sea-spray or the fierce sun! Depending where you live, one of these elements will always be present and its effects will be seen sooner rather than later. Of course, some environments are much harsher than others, but at some stage every home will need some kind of attention to the exterior, whether that be a re-paint or a full makeover.

The other element each home battles is the element of time itself – fashions change and so does the style and look of homes. What was in trend in home exteriors 30 years ago will have certainly changed now, and when bought up to speed can make the home look like brand new! Many an older home that has been the subject of an exterior home renovation can be mistaken for a brand new home.

Renovating the exterior of your home has many benefits – increasing the street appeal of your home, increasing the overall value of your property and also re-applying the protective barrier that shields you from the external elements.

Increasing the Street Appeal of Your Home.

Who doesn’t want a fantastic looking home – and why shouldn’t you have one? How many times have you seen an older worn out home in your street or a street near you that has had an exterior renovation and now just looks ‘wow!’ Even a simple coat of paint can do wonders. From there – it can go upwards to re-cladding or changing the cladding style, and replacing old windows to newer style windows. The next level is adding more storeys which significantly changes the style and look of the home.

Using a professional designer to help with the exterior design of your home can really be a plus and save quite a bit or money with not having to redo elements which just don’t quite match, and allowing the styling of the exterior of the home to match what is happening on the inside. Professional designers have a certain ‘eye’ which can really make the exterior of any home.

Increasing the Overall Value of Your Property

It is a pretty simple equation – the better the home looks and feels in relation to the rest of the property – the more value is built into the property. This value comes into effect in two main areas – unlocking hidden value in your property as a whole, but also more value (cash in hand) for you should the time ever come when you wish to sell.

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