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stockxpertcom_id36101581_jpg_11cd184cb989edc5ebdcf37867b75dbaFriends, food and fun are what kitchens are all about - the heart of the home.

For most people, if their home had a heart it would have to be the kitchen. The kitchen is the place where food is prepared, casual conversations held and lives touched all around the humble kitchen.

'A warm, becoming room, it is often one of the most lived in and active sections of the house.'

With so much use - it is no wonder when carrying out a home renovation, the kitchen is usually one of the first places people begin.

For a kitchen that is functional, stylish you can get some ideas from the below!

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'The Kitchen'. Just those two words conjure up so many happy moments for people across the world. Chatting over coffee's over the kitchen bench, kids running in to steal a biscuit from the barrel, Mum baking and the fresh aroma wafting through the home, children making a big (but well intentioned) mess while trying to help Mum, and maybe memories of Dad carving up the Sunday roast on the kitchen bench.

'With not only functionality to think about, a great kitchen renovation will take into consideration the form and flow of the rest of the house, plus it's colours and decor.'

From a simple makeover to a full kitchen makeover with the builder moving walls etc, any kitchen can benefit from any kind of facelift. With not only functionality to think about, a great kitchen renovation will take into consideration the form and flow of the rest of the house, plus it's colours and decor. For example, if the rest of the home is open plan and modern, the kitchen would usually follow that pattern a well. Although, with the kitchen often being the first place in a home that is renovated, the rest of the home can often follow it.

Why Renovate Your Kitchen with Smith & Sons Rather than a Kitchen Specialist?

There a numerous advantages to working with your local Smith & Sons team rather than a kitchen specialist.

  • More than just kitchen renovations - our team can help you with more than just one aspect of your home. If you want to upgrade more than just your kitchen such as adding the dining room, deck, patio or other aspect of your home that isn’t a problem! Things can get very messy with many different contractors all focused on different rooms when you don’t have one project manager, and can become costly as tradesmen will be coming to and from your home for the each room at different time due to the contracts not working together. Avoid this hassle with one project manager from Smith & Sons who will coordinate contractors for the most efficient and effective outcome.
  • Our team are ready to help whether you are looking for a simple resurfacing of cupboards and benches or a complete refit. This is important especially in instances where you are renovating an entire house and want to bring your kitchen up to the same standard without bringing in a separate team to manage the process.
  • In many instances your kitchen can be upgraded using many existing fixtures and fittings. Many specialist kitchen companies will attempt to rip out your existing kitchen to start from scratch. Not with Smith & Sons. We know how to use what you already have available to get the best possible upgrade within your budget.

How does the Kitchen Renovation Process work?

  • Bring in your plans or ideas for your kitchen.
  • We will discuss your budget and needs and balance these.
  • A quote is presented based on your requirements. This is presented before having costly plans drawn up so you know exactly what to expect within your budget.
  • You approve the quote and pay a deposit.
  • We arrange all of the plans and council approvals of which there are many for a kitchen!
  • Renovation process begins, you will have a dedicated project manager responsible for the completion of the kitchen. They will manage all communications and paperwork while you sit back and relax.
  • You sign off each construction stage ensuring it meets the initial brief and is of the highest quality.
  • After final sign off is approved... Congratulations, it’s time to enjoy your beautiful kitchen!

Ready to Kick Start Your Kitchen Renovation?

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