Penrith is a go!

Posted Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ashley Wagner is bringing Smith & Sons to the spectacular city of Penrith.

Smith & Sons Penrith Ashley along with his wife Derrian are delighted to join the Smithy’s team! Ashley started as an HIA apprentice, worked for a builder in the area and eventually became a supervisor. He then got the urge to start his own company in 2009, so he planned a small development project for himself.  Since then things have taken off for him and his company have grown from 1 employee to 5 in the last 4 years.

“My business is growing so I was looking at ways to help sustainably grow my business comfortably, I found with the Smith & Sons the processes and systems along with the support network it would be a good partnership. I also thought that if I ever wanted to one day sell my business, it would be easier to sell as a Smith & Sons franchise and be worth more.”

“I Love the transformation possibilities with renovating older homes, bringing them back to life, and coming up with ideas that clients love. Not to mention I love being my own boss.”

Ashley and Darrian along with their kids Noah(4) and Darrian(2) love the outdoors. He particularly loves dirt biking, 4WD, fishing, hunting and camping.  Having lived in the area for 32 years and been in the industry for 14 make Ashley and his family the perfect fit to bring Smith & Sons to Penrith.  

“I liked the idea of being apart of something ‘bigger’ and the sense of being apart of a team of like minded builders”

Welcome to the team Ashley! 


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