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Planning a full renovation, for the first time ever, was daunting to say the least and together with the potential unknowns was all consuming for more than a year.
It would have been easier and less stressful to have sold and bought, as one knows what the end looks picture like. A full-scale redesign and renovation into the somewhat unknown was a leap of faith for the novice renovator.
However !!! … Gavin and his team built our new home better that we could have imagined, expected, and wished for. A huge 14-month undertaking paid off and worked out beautifully. We love our new home, as does everyone who has visited. Even a long-time real estate agent said had not seen a nicer build and finish.
The quality of the finish is excellent and without fault. The duty of care Jamie, Sam, Kyle, and Jack took was relieving to watch and seriously impressive. Moreover, our neighbours were very acknowledging and complimentary with the professionalism of the team over the 14 months, as a building site can be a daunting experience to live next door to for a year.
Now the anticipation and anxiety is over, we would in fact absolutely do this again together with Gavin and his skilled team and contractors.
Our experience can’t go without a genuine acknowledge and a special thanks to Mr Leigh Sym from Pittwater Design & Draft for a wonderful redesign and clever layout that maximised every bit of sunshine and living space.
Having the Smith & Sons brand name behind Gavin was reassuring for access to the pricing and quality of the materials we chose to use.
Our home is better than we had expected and hoped for.
Thank you Gavin !!

Charles & Melissa

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